HealthyLifestyle Yoga Foam Roller | Gym Exercise Portable Yoga Block Fitness EVA | 60cm

Color: Pink


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Anton Y.
It's perfect

This is a simple product but thats all you need. It's light, and just the right amount of firmness. It works great for rolling our still knotted muscles

Travis W.
Good product

This roller is very firm which is what I need. I can roll easily. PDF of exercises, very helpful. Its lightweight but long, might be cumbersome to carry. I'm satisfied with my purchase

Steve D.
Effective. Perfect size.

That’s the best Foam Roller that I’ve ever used! Massages my sore muscles and cracks my back like a chiropractor but will save me expensive weekly trips to the chiropractor for sure.
It’s very easy to use and effective. If you have not used one before I highly suggest that you experience it!

Travis B.
Best Performing Foam Roller!

To say I love everything about this foam roller might be an understatement. Delivery time was super speedy. The packing material was light and not wasteful. The roller is super high density, high quality. Easy to use, was able to target my low back, glutes, hamstrings, and IT band and get good results from a deep roll. This roller is better quality than what my gym provides, and I love the convenience of having a quality roller at home to use throughout the day.

Chad j.
Exactly as described. Excellent quality

I wish I had purchased my own foam roller long before COVID-19. It is the right length and density and for my lengthwise and perpendicular pilates exercises. I bought the pink one to distinguish it from the ones at my gym - should we ever get to go back. It is proving to be well made and robust being used by me and my teenage children who aren't as careful with it as I am.

Veron L.
Firm material gets the job done

The roller shipped fast which was great. The first time I used it for my back (which hurts a lot) I noticed an immediate difference, my back didn't hurt for several days after that first use. It's very firm which I like and the diameter is just right. I have already recommended it to a few friends and would definitely buy it again if I needed to but because of the quality of the foam, that won't be any time soon

Cherry S.
good size

This is roller was a little harder than I expected but it is my 1st experience with high-density rollers. I put a towel over it and it works well for stretching out my upper back. I like the size and diameter of it.

Steve L.

I ran a half marathon Saturday and desperately needed a foam roller for before and after the race. This one came just in time! It looks just like the picture and does the job perfectly. It’s lightweight and can go anywhere with you. It’s affordable! You won’t be disappointed.

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HealthyLifestyle Yoga Foam Roller | Gym Exercise Portable Yoga Block Fitness EVA | 60cm