Modish Elastic Bands for Sewing and Crafting | 6mm, 5-Meters

Color: White


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Angel J.
Perfect for making masks

This is very soft so it is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. I have already re-ordered twice and will order more when I run out. If you’re making masks, I promise it’s perfect.

Alyanna S.
Second order and still LOVE them

The elastics are strong and of great colors for the masks I am making for my friends and family. I could not be happier with them!

Carol D.
Super soft!

I would buy at least two at a time. There are not enough I feel. They are very soft but you can run out of color fast. There is enough elastic just not enough colors.

Aira C.
Life saver

I was in desperate need of elastic bands to make a fabric mask. They came quickly and I love the colors!

Ernest J.
Nice quality stretchy elastic!

This elastic is exactly what I wanted to make homemade face masks. A lot of my family and close friends are essential workers so even though many places were closing down they had to continue on as nothing happened. I ordered this to at least make them some kind of face covers with cotton fabric. This elastic is easy to work with and has a nice stretch to it. Worked out great for me!

Karla G.
Holds its shape

We recently participated in local nursing home parade to show love to the elderly. I used the elastic to make matching skirts for my kids... came out great. Elastic stretches enough to be able to mold as needed but still has enough resistance to hold up without being over-stretched. Does not unravel or leave pieces of string/nylon everywhere.

Krisha G.

So finding black elastic is harder than I expected. This is a generic elastic and meets every material expectation so far. I mean how can you fail at making elastic straps...?
The only complaint I have is the way it is bundled does not make it easy to get just a little bit of elastic out without making a big mess.

Virginia L.
Comfortable elastic

Bought this for making masks. Softer/more pliable than the elastic I bought at a craft store so it's more comfortable for wearing.

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Modish Elastic Bands for Sewing and Crafting | 6mm, 5-Meters