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Crissy R.
Great mat for workouts!

I purchased this mat so I could workout in my apartment and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and length. This mat is a tad longer than a normal mat, which I love because it gives you additional room to workout on. The mat is the perfect thickness to workout on a hardwood floor and still be enough support when laying on your back. The mat is very easy to wipe down afterwards. Highly recommend to anyone needing a mat. It comes with a strap so it’s perfect to bring to a gym.

Victor M.
Great Value for Thickness

My husband and I are taking a holistic back class where it recommended having a yoga mat. I previously purchased one for pilates years ago spending 3x the amount on a 3/4inch mat. My husband will likely only use this one once a month, unlike myself using one several times a week, so I didn't want to spend a lot on it. Knowing the market, I looked for something still comfortable yet way less expensive than my previous purchase. I was looking for value in an appropriate ratio of quality to cost, and this fit the bill. It's only 1/2 inch but still comfortable and even comes with storage straps and a carrying handle, which my own doesn't even have. Biggest upside -- I only paid $16 for it! Great deal. Very happy with my purchase. We will watch its longevity over time, but you can't beat the 2-year warranty either.

Victor M.
Love This Mat

I take Pilates Class twice a week at my gym and the mats are horrible. Too thin and worn due to a lot of use. They have to be doubled and tripled in order to do the kneeling exercises without knee pain. I researched this mat and it is so awesome! I have used it for a couple of weeks now and it is so dense and thick that I do not even feel the hard wooden floor when I am kneeling or doing exercises where my hips are taking all of my body weight. It is longer that most of the gym mats which is great and it is not slippery at all which is doubly awesome. I rolled it inside out to stop it from rolling up during the class and it stays nice and flat. I cannot say enough good things about this mat and has made Pilates classes a joy (anyway as much as they can be, LOL!). I even bought another one for my 38 year old daughter who does Pilates classes with me!

Cassy G.
Multiple uses :)

This is an unusual use for a yoga mat, but I needed something that was easily carried around that I could use for my older dog who no longer has a lot of strength in his back legs to get up easily. He is a very large bouvier and when we go to the vet, there are only tile floors and if he gets down, he cannot get back up on his own as there is no traction. So I thought about using a small rug, but that is hard to carry and not big enough. Then I found this yoga mat and it is perfect! it is easy to carry with us--I keep it in the car, and I can just bring it into any place where he might have trouble. So I unroll it, he lays down--it cushions his joints from the hard floor a bit, and he has the traction he needs to get back up when we have to move. I liked it so much that I am going to get one for myself for meditation. Sometimes a product works for an "out of the box" idea!

Cid C.

I have been using this mat under my yoga mat at the gym for Pilates and Yoga classes. The added padding is very helpful when completing floor exercises. Now that we are working from home I began working out at home. Thank goodness I had this pad! My husband joined me for a yoga class and kept complaining that our floor was hard, even with his yoga mat. When he saw my set up, he was jealous. This lead to me purchasing a second one these! He used it yesterday for the first time and said it made a huge difference. Its thick enough to make a difference but thin enough that it is easy to roll back up and is light. I roll up both my yoga mat and this mat together so that I don't have to carry two items. It comes with a handy strap with velcro which adjusted perfectly even with both mats rolled up together. I had mine for about 4 months now and when placed side by side to the new one, you can't tell the difference.

Jordin B.
Good for my knees on the hardwood, great price!

+The straps that hold the rolled up mat make for easy storage and portability (whether to a different area of the house or to carry it to a class, or somewhere outside.
+Stable on the feet and floor. I have used other mats and they have slid around on various surfaces. This holds tight during poses, which is obviously also related to...
+SAFETY. Even balanced on one leg I don't have fears about this slipping. My feet sink enough into the material to be cushioned/supported, and also still.
+Comfort (especially for knees). I have a knee condition which has led to various surgeries, including a screw in one, so my knees can be tender on hard surfaces, especially when holding poses that keep you there. This has made a HUGE difference in comfort, which has led to an increase in the amount of yoga that I do.
+Variety of colors. I always know which one is mine!
+Price- at $20, this is worth it even if I use it out in a year of regular use. Other mats have been huge disappointments and people will spend outrageous amounts on mats of the same or lesser quality. Why?

+MINOR con: Although it's temporary, it should be noted that the first couple uses included that "new" smell, which is not very pleasant if you have your face down in the mat. However, after a few unrolling uses, it dissipated.

I got one of these for someone else as a christmas gift, before buying my own, and they love it for the same reasons!

Jelly V.

We were getting ready to go on an extended road trip with our RV. Love the RV but the couch (that folds down to a bed) just killed my back. The deep crease between the back/seat had me waking up EVERY MORNING with a serious back ache. No fun... so... after reading until I was blue in the face I decided to try a yoga mat. SPECIFICALLY THIS YOGA MAT. LIFE ALTERING.... NIGHT AND DAY!! I SLEPT FANTASTIC ON THE TRIP! All it took was laying the yoga mat down before the bedding and/or sleeping bags (we use it as a couch during the day). NO MORE BACK ACHES.... I'd give it 10 stars if I could. Don't know about the longevity of the item, but after 25 days of straight use it still looks brand new!

Hannah S.
Fantastic Mat for many purposes!

People think you can only use a mat like this one for yoga, but it is great for many other uses too! It makes a comfortable mat to kneel on when getting down to clean baseboards, etc. Great for giving a comfortable foundation for working at low levels like under the sink or a lower cabinet! Great for yard work, too! You can kneel on this when you have to kneel on any hard surface and get up without cramping pain! Love this product. My husband loves it, too!

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