RevUp Aquarium Fish Net, Quick Catch Mesh Nylon | Fishing Nets with Plastic Handle

Size: 5 inches


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Lucy J.
Gotta have it!

Bought this to fish out the leaves and muck from a waterfall fountain on my deck. Does the job-nice and wide and deep.

Gian C.S.
Perfect for what we needed

We bought this to use as a skimmer for our kids’ baby pool. It works great. I don’t know anything about fish though so no idea how it works for aquarium fish. The net is very soft and the holes are super small so I imagine it would work for fish.
I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

Steve M.
Fairly large net

Now many of you would call this a medium sized net because the type of fish you raise are huge. For me, my fish are on the small side and this net is probably a little overkill for me - but once the fish grow it will likely be just fine. It's very soft, appears to be sewn well, it does have a seam at the bottom. Handle is long and sturdy.

Jack T.
Also works well to isolate fish fry

We have a claw foot tub water garden in the backyard that includes some white cloud mountain minnows. They had babies and now that temperatures are getting lower, I'm worried about the fry surviving, so I rested this net on top of an indoor aquarium, so that the bottom 2/3 of the net were submerged (threw in a couple aquarium rocks to keep the net submerged), secured the edge of the net to the edge of the aquarium with clothespins, and put the fry in this net to isolate them from larger fish in the aquarium. This is working well after several days.

I'm getting a second one of these for when I need to catch all the fish in the claw foot tub for when I give it a thorough cleaning.

Olivia C.
Perfect Size Net

This review is for the 5 Inch Aquarium Fish Net Large Nylon Fishing Nets with Plastic Handle for Fish Tank

Well made with a sturdy thick handle that does not bend when you over use it.

I’m using to clean out swimming pool skimmer. Works great and I don’t have to put my hands into the unknown yuck.

Jerico M.
Good Value for the price

I needed a little tighter mesh for my fish and turtles and this was perfect. They were a little bigger than I expected but it kind of worked out better since the smaller one is for my fish, and bigger one is for my turtles.

Amor P.

Love this net. My fish grew too big for me to catch with my other one. They can't escape with this net. I like the fact that I can quickly catch them which lessens the stress on them. I also use it as a skimmer to clean up pieces of plant my fish spit out after they chew on it.

Richard W.
Good for scoping extra food, debrees and poop.

I use these nets for scooping out extra food, leaves and fish poop that sometimes doesn't make it to the filter.
I have never used them for catching my fish. They work great for what I use them for. The netting is soft. The handle is bendable which is nice for getting between rocks and stuff. They stay square as I'm scooping stuff up. Overall, I think for the price I paid and what I use them for works nicely.
These are ok for catching little fish but you would need to be careful getting them out of the net since once it's in the water then out it folds over the fish unless you keep it upright. So you would need to actually submerge the whole net and let the fish swim out instead of trying to dump it in the tank or bag like they to at some fish store places.

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RevUp Aquarium Fish Net, Quick Catch Mesh Nylon | Fishing Nets with Plastic Handle