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Jessica W.
Excellent for hair/skin

This is a game-changer. Not the argan oil, THIS argan oil. The ultimate moisturizer for hair (i use it as a leave-in after washing and before hair drying) and for my skin. Applied overnight to the face and woke up with baby skin :))
Definitely recommend this !!

Love G.
It is a great procduct, very good quality

It is a great product, very good quality, works wonders with the hair. I have really damaged hair, I bleached it 6 times in the past 6 months (to go from black to platinum blonde) and this oil has helped smooth and deeply nourish my hair. It has added shine and softness. I am loving this argan oil.
I removed one star because the pump of the bottle does not work and I have to open it and pour it and gets a little messy.

Jessica A.
I love it.

IN LOVE. Virtually no scent, absorbs like a dream and after only three days my skin is grateful. This is an exact dupe for JM brand from Sephora and a fraction of the cost. It came in a nice little bag with product info and the pump us much preferred over the typical dropper these have. Very excited I came upon this product and will certainly buy it again!

Yasin C.
Controls my frizz and defined my curls

I've only been using this two days and I am already in love with it! It truly helps control my frizz and even helps make my curls more defined. I love this product.

Quynh N.

I just got this and it appears to do everything I want so far. This is the first time I have bought argan oil from Glossix but my sister gave me a bottle of their wonderful rosehip oil as a birthday gift, so I trusted the brand. The glass bottle and plastic pump top are very nice and it came securely shrink-wrapped/sealed. The oil is clear and mostly odorless; I detect a faint smell I would describe as "pine needles" but it dissipates quickly. I applied a little on the ends of my hair (I bought it mainly to use as a hair treatment), and dabbed a tiny amount on the sides of my eyes and on the tops of my hands as a moisturizer. It absorbed really well and left my hands very soft. I'm lucky to be hitting my 40s with no face wrinkles so I won't be able to comment on if it helps with that but it is VERY moisturizing so I will continue to use on face and will update post if I notice any adverse reactions. I always liked results I got from argan hair products like Moroccan Oil and the OGX oil treatments but they have added chemicals and specifically silicones so I was eager to try this. I also can't recommend enough this brand's argan oil for hair, especially if you're looking for a hair oil to condition wavy, dry hair.

Darreee H.
Repeat customer

I found this product on Ooala with numerous positive reviews so I decided to give it a try. Three bottles / orders later I am very satisfied with the quality of Argan oil. I use it daily throughout my body and have noticed a difference. I will continue to use Glossix and have recommended this brand and product to friends.

Judy R.
No More Frizz! Apply to Damp Hair.

My hair is fine and gets very frizzy. I've tried many hair products to no avail. I tried this Argan oil on dry hair a while ago, but it didn't work well.
A couple of days ago I applied it to my damp hair after coming out of the shower and lightly towel drying. I applied 4 pumps to my palms and lightly rubbed them together prior to applying it to my hair, starting at the base and thorough my hair to the tips. No more frizz, and my hair is no longer unruly. I'm glad I tried this product on my damp hair. A truly great product with fantastic results

Brianna K.
Great for dry hair and skin!

This review is long over due. I purchased my first bottle in March 2016 and I'm currently on my fourth bottle in Sept 2017. Initially, I got this Glossix Pure Organic Moroccan Argan Oil for my hair. My hair is oily on the roots, but colored and super dry and bit wavy toward the end. It does a great job moisturizing/taming it without getting greasy. This thing absorbs really fast because I use it on my damp hair (end of my hair only!) and my hands don't get oily after.

Now, moving on to the reason it deserves my time to give a five star review. I've travelled to another country recently and due to jet lag and climate change, my jaw area started getting itchy dry patches (I have combination sensitive skin). I tried different face moisturizers and lotions, but they didn't work. I have been doing the Korean 10 Step Skin Care for more than 10 years, so I am really careful with what I put on my face. I was desperate since I was in a foreign country, I decided to use Glossix Pure Organic Moroccan Argan Oil on my face (I always carry it with me for my hair). My dry patches disappear after two days! I started getting dry patches on the back of my neck after I came back to U.S., I used this product again and they are gone after one night!!

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