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Frederick P.
Great Beginner Beard Kit

I've had a beard for quite sometime, but never owned a beard brush or beard oil, so figured I might as well get a kit. I went with the one above, and I do not regret it. While I'm not a fan of the unscented smell (smells like oil, duh) it has nothing to do with the quality of the product, just personal preference. My beard went from very scratchy to nice and luscious (oh hell yea). The scissors are really nice, and while my beard is too short for the beard comb, is seems high quality. The beard balm is on the thick, hard side (eyo) and I prefer a more creamy balm, but once again seems very good, just down to personal preference. Overall, I would recommend this to anyone who's starting to grow a beard, or knows someone who is growing a beard. Great product!

Ivy G.
Great grooming gift

It was a birthday gift for my husband...he loved it! The items in the kit such as the beard oil is fabulous especially in dry weather. It helped to fill in his beard along with parts that were patchy. The brush is soft enough to shape your beard. Great gift!

Keanu D.
The Beard Maintenance kit

Such a good kit to maintain your beard. Comes with everything I need to trim, shape, brush and comb my beard.
I was never really one to grow out my beard because of the maintenance you have to do to actually make it look nice; keeping those stray hairs at bay. All the consumables have lasted a long time as well. I think I use the beard balm the most as it helps to shape the beard and provide moisture.

Get this kit if you need help managing your mane; it's got what you need.

Krista M.
Furry men need this!

I bought this for a gift for my brother who had decided he wanted to try out the Grizzly Adams look. Some guys have that well-groomed beard look -my brother did not. I hated his beard, but love my brother so I ended up trying to compromise. No brother of mine is going to walk around all fugly-looking! He liked the presentation when he opened it and said he liked the products. When I would see him, it was clear that he was using the products and he looked much more put together. Good gift for the low-maintenance guy in your life who wants the beard look without a lot of work and/or excessive grooming.

April W.
For the Serious Beard Guys son loves these products! He'd been searching for the perfect brush (his beard is close to his face) and this brush doesn't frizz it out. Also there is NO smell to the balm or oil so it doesn't fight his cologne. He was also thrilled with the quality of the scissors.
I adored the box & the price! Excellent gift for sure. I’m certain he'll reorder the products. I'm very happy that he's very happy!

Apple L.
Happy beard, happy life!

I bought this for my boyfriend. So far he's very content with it and the bristle brush is making his beard hairs much smoother but he hasn't use all the products yet so I wanted to wait to give a full 5 stars until we know we are satisfied with all the items! :)

Genesis S.
Great beginner kit.

Owned 3 months. Used on a daily basis. If you are thinking about growing a beard and don't really know what products are good, get this kit. The reason I bought this was because my beard was unbearably itchy. After a few days of applying the balm and oil, it hasn't itched since. My hair has become noticeably softer and has a sheen to it. The brush and comb aren't bad and the scissors are Barber quality and very sharp. Once you start running out of balm and oil, you can start looking for different products to suit your own taste.

Millicent A.
Great product!

I got this as a Birthday gift for my boyfriend. He was a bit skeptical at first, but loves it!! After about a month of using the products, someone mentioned to him that his beard looked longer and thicker. It definitely feels softer. He told me that when he gets low, he wants me to reorder more for him. Great product!

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