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Karyll C.
Really has brightened my skin

This product has definitely improved the overall brightness of my skin! My esthetician has complimented me repeatedly when I am getting a facial about how soft my skin is in feeling and appearance. I apply it under my tinted moisturizer and it goes on so easily after my morning shower. I am very satisfied and pleased with this product and will be reordering it again!

Kelsey B.
Skin is glowing!!

My skin is glowing now. I've been looking for a good product that I can put on my face at, and during the day under my make-up. Well, this is it. My make-up goes on smoothly on top of this product. It's working on my skin 24 hrs a day, and I love it. Been using it now for about a month. Lines under my eyes are going away, the skin is smoother, and dark marks are fading, fewer breakouts occur. love this product!

Happy C.
Excellent for dry skin & rosacea

I have been using Vitamin E oil for my skin since I have rosacea and its one of the only things that really help to moisturize without burning... I need something that would rub in easier (oil can be very thick)...this cream is AMAZING. Light scent, the feel of it on my skin is great and since my skin is so dry I wear it under makeup with no issue.

Lesley L.
Does make a difference...

I was attracted to this because of the Vitamin E - and I could see, after several weeks of consistent use, a difference. My skin was smoother and had more color. I used it at night - and then moisturized and used foundation during the day. My foundation went on more smoothly - the smoothness of my skin was apparent then. Pleased with this serum.

Jessa B.
Healthier skin

They are moisturizing and don’t feel heavy on my skin. I have naturally oily skin and this did not make me break out. Overall I feel this had helped brighten my face and hydrate my skin.

Roselyn R.
Repaired my skin's moisture barrier!

My skin loves this so much. My rosacea has calmed down and I no longer have red, angry, flaky skin. Also, the convenience of having little single serve capsules is awesome. My only complaint is that they can be tricky to twist open and I find they have a little too much product, which is fine since I use the excess on the backs of my hands.

I have sensitive, very dry, red, mature skin for your reference.

Jeanne K.
Slight changes after 1 week

I've been using this serum for a week now and I do see a difference in my skin. I do feel my skin is smoother and more supple, but not in a greasy or oily way. I have been using the serum twice a day on my clean face. I'll be interested to see if I get even better results after 30 days.

Patricia B.
Helps with pimples

I was constantly having breakouts which were rare for my skin. I tried everything except medical help, which was my next plan. So I bought this hoping the Aloe Vera serum will at least reduce the scars. But it worked great on my pimples too. I rarely ever get them now.
But you're not supposed to have it on for a long duration like overnight. The aloe Vera has astringent properties (which help prevent pimples) that dry out your skin if left for too long. I learned it the hard way.
I wear it on a clean face as soon as I get home from work and wash it away right before bed. So for about 3 hours. I then apply a vitamin C serum and top it with Nivea cream. I wake up the next day with beautiful skin.
PS (I’ve been using it for about 2 months. Not all scars have gone away yet. But they have definitely lightened)

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