Pedaxi Ab Roller Wheel Exercise Equipment for Home, Gym Workout

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Erika B.
Superb quality. Honest product. Amazing Cust. Servc.

I really like how solid and cleanly designed this product is. For the price, this is the best Ab Roller-Wheel out there. Besides the ones that have the 'Prop. 65 Warning' that deterred me from continuing my purchase, so I chose Fitnessery because of it's superb quality, un-misleading display amd advertising, and also the fantastic customer serivce and additional bonuses (Workout online book and Diet book for free) that they email in addition to the product.

Corinne C.
One of the best ab rollers you can buy!

Very decent ab roller by Pedaxi. It’s well designed and it feels really solid. I like that there is rubber on the wheel surface that makes contact with the ground, it gives more grip and thus, does not slip too easily. I thought the color was black and grey like in the picture but it’s actually just black, the grey-ish look must be a reflection. Nice mat but it’s a bit slippery especially when you sweat and you have to reposition on the mat too often during the workout so I bought some strap-on knee pads at the store which are the same color and material as the flat one that came in the package, they strap-ons stay in place much better. All in all great value and great price point!

Sarah M.
No regrets 😌on my purchase.💵💵

Well I have yet to see the outcome of my Ab roller. I gave it 5 star cause it really works. The first day I used it five mins rest 20 seconds did 40 squats, rest another 20 sec then started rolling again for 6mins . I rolled to my paste and also to how far I could roll to. I didn't feel no pain ( I'm use to exercising) and was in a hurry to get ready for work. Hmm hmm hmm well I must say, I questioned myself as to y I had such pain in my abdomen at work. 😭it was from my ab roller. I thought it didn't do nothing for me but it did. I thought i wasted my money but I was wrong
Can't wait to use it again and again and again 😄. Thanks to all the blessed reviewer's.

Tammy K.
Essential and invaluable!

I’ve been using this twice a week since I got it and I feel improvements everywhere, starting with my grip strength. There was a learning curve for me as I’ve never used one before but there are tons of videos. Always use your best judgment, go SLOW and don’t quit. I do 3 sets of 10 SLOW, (and I haven’t tried the sideways move yet, only straight out and back) but when I started it was 6 sets of 5 with a LOT of gasping in between.
Don’t quit!

Kayla H.
10x will feel like 30 crunches

I brought this for my husband. I haven't worked out in awhile and I'm definitely out of shape. We put it together in like 2 minutes. My daughter used it first. First try she fell flat on her face. Don't worry she didn't hurt anything. She knows how to fall. We all do and we all fell in some way on the first try. After that we found our rhythm. Keeping the correct form I did my first roll and immediately felt it in my stomach. I decided to just do ten. Well ten was like doing 30. I was a little sore the next day.

It definitely works. I say give it a try. Before you use it check out a few YouTube videos on how to do it correctly. It was fun and I didn't have to do much to get a good workout from it. I'm encouraged to do it more often. It's so small you can keep it any where. You can also break it down to take on vacation with you. It will fit right in your suitcase.

Suraksha K.R.
So happy that i decided to buy

Have only had 2 days but I'm hooked. I have extremely weak core but I have been using the roller as much as I could several times the past 2 days and this morning I was excited at the improvements I have made. I work out daily now I look forward to the changes my body will start to make after using the roller. Excellent price and speedy delivery

Amy J.L.
Perfect for a quick ab workout and a sense of well being.

This ab wheel is just what I was looking for. Super easy to assemble in less than a minute (three parts). Well made and comfortable to grasp in the exercise position. Back and forth motion feels very stable when using it. The abs tighten as soon its starts to move along the floor. Easy to transport and seems to never be in the way. Have used it for just three days and can feel the abs tightening already. With regular use and watching the diet, it can give the results. Great price point. Highly recommended

Tatiana A.C.
Great ab roller

Great ab roller. The price is awesome considering that sometimes equipment like this can be overpriced. It came with a knee pad which I wasn't expecting which was a nice surprise because that can be the downside of using equipment like this if you don't have a mat at home to use. The wheel itself it well made and sturdy. I've used ones before where I'm worried that the handles are going to snap off and this isn't like that at all. It's incredibly durable. Nice purchase if you're tired of doing crunches and want to switch up your exercise routine.

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Pedaxi Ab Roller Wheel Exercise Equipment for Home, Gym Workout