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Elsa R.
A real Miracle!

I have a rare skin disorder and there has been nothing that gave me relief! This little gadget is like a miracle, my skin looks so much better after just a few days! I wish I could find one with a bigger head so I could treat a larger area at a time, but this is just a miracle!

Claudia G.
Worth the $.

I'm a licensed skincare professional with 25 years of experience in the field and there aren't a lot of products and gadgets out there that I recommend -- so many of these things simply do not do what they claim. This is one tool that I actually DO recommend and even use myself. It WORKS when used as directed to make pimples shrink and go away much, much faster. It does not cause the irritation or dryness that certain acne medications can. Worth the $.

Marivic L.
The REAL Magic Wand!

This magic wand deserves 10 stars! I've tried everything, even prescription cream, and nothing worked as fast as this. Forget the 12-hour pimple zapper creams...this is it! I have horrible cystic acne, combined with OCD so I constantly had my hands on my face. The most recent pimple had been on my face for 2 months...once the wand came, I placed it on that pimple and it was instantly smaller. 2 days later it is completely gone. Thank you so much! I love my skin again

Princess Q.
It won't erase your acne, but it works!

It's just taking long, otherwise, it's a good product. Although it doesn't do magic, it certainly makes the red spots feel less sore after three uses. Oh, and you'll need to change the battery at least once a month.

Diane W.
Works for cystic acne but needs a few days

Used this as a last resort for acne that did not respond to topical treatments, and appeared too deep below the skin's surface. Each spot required a 2-minute session 3 times a day. Because of multiple breakouts, the battery ran out within 2 weeks. Other than that, the device diminished spots where no efforts at the surface worked.

Marian D.
Safe and effective acne treatment

This product is amazing! I purchased this when I started using an acne care system, to spot treat. It actually works without over-drying your skin or causing irritation. The battery needs to be replaced about every two-three months, depending on the amount of use. For the price, I would highly recommend this product.

Gabby B.
It’s an acne zapping wand

Hey, I love this thing. It’s not magic but it speeds up healing time in pesky pimples and deep cyst type acne like a swift goshawk going in for its kill.
I’ve used it for many months, many times, and only changed the battery once. What used to take a week or two or three now takes a few days, while using once a day. I’m satisfied with this little wand of technology and will act quickly to replace it when it’s time to be replaced. Hopefully, it will last forever, though realistically, and unfortunately, things just aren’t built to last like they were in the ’80s. At least they’re making unicorns again and now acne zapping wands 🧙♀️

Cory D.
Game changer!

I bought this because I have struggled with boils (TMI, sorry). This light is supposed to kill bacteria- specifically MRSA, which can cause complications with boils. I am not lying when I say this has changed the game in reducing them and preventing a recurrence. Bacteria are part of pimples too, so combine this with a good cleansing routine and I’m sure you will see results!

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