Neorm Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set for Back/Neck Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation

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Eli M.
Life Changing?

I'm a 25-year-old with horrible posture. I'm currently on week two of physical therapy and have been trying to find ways to alleviate my back pain. This mat is amazing. I've never tried acupressure before and bought this because of the reasonable price. It was uncomfortable at first. You definitely have to resist the urge to get up. But within 3-5 minutes, something just happens? You just melt into the mat and it feels amazing. The bolster pillow has been fantastic at helping relieve those base of the skull headaches. I want everyone to have one of these.

Jessica A.
Very relaxing

I've had lower back pain off and on for years. I also get tension headaches. The first time I laid on this mattress I loved it! I laid on it for about fifteen minutes and my headache was gone. It says to start off laying on something soft. But I dived right in and laid on the floor with it. It wasn't painful or uncomfortable at all.
There are little loops on the mat and decided to sew buttons on the opposite side so I could fold it up. That worked out great.

Richard A.
You gotta relax...really

When you first lie down on this mat and pillow you think no way I can put up with this, it really does hurt at first. But if you don't concentrate on all those sharp points sticking into you and actually RELAX you may see what the raves are about. You need to give it at least 5 to 10 minutes to begin feeling the benefits. If you do not relax it will not work. It helps my back and my tension headaches, I actually push down into the pillow with my neck and move my neck into several positions. After about 10 minutes of use, you begin to feel a warming sensation that actually feels quite pleasant. For the price, this is a great product. Does leave your skin looking like a frozen hamburger patty for a little while.

Steffany N.
Strangely wonderful.

It's a modern version of a traditional "nail bed"! The kind of thing we're used to seeing in cartoons of Indian ascetics. YES, it's painful but IN ABOUT THREE MINUTES, the pain is replaced by an extraordinary sensation of deep warmth. It's hard to describe. Like lying on a heating pad, except that the sensation is inside one's skin. It's possible that I have a high pain-threshold because the tiny spikes are really sharp and could potentially really hurt if I'm not careful while handling the mat and the pillow. But I really look forward to my "sessions" lying flat on my back, bare-skinned, on the floor. I listen to an audiobook and have to struggle to avoid falling asleep! About 20 minutes. The mat is quite small, just enough to accommodate the back of a medium-sized person.`

Amber M.
Give it a try! I give it a big thumbs up!

Ok, I lied about the ‘comfort’ part of this ... it is bearable and you can work your way up by wearing a thin t-shirt and such. I heard Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof entrepreneur, talk about it and thought it was so outrageous/ridiculous/crazy but he puts the parts of science to the description of what it does and I am intrigued. This one costs half of what he does and I haven’t seen the one my friend who got the more expensive version to make a comparison. She loves hers and uses it all the time for pain control of fibromyalgia. I love mine and use it for insomnia and migraine/allergy headaches. I know it sounds nutty but when you are in pain you are willing to do a lot to find relief.

Amy B.
The relaxation it brings to me is great!

I have to say, I was very skeptical at first, but I've been having daily tension headaches for months and months so I am willing to try almost anything. The first night I laid on it I had no headache, and I thought maybe it was a coincidence, but the next night it helped again, and now it's been helping for over a week. Who knows, maybe this isn't the answer for everyone, but the relaxation it brings to me is great! The first time I did keep my shirt on, but it is much more useful if you don't have a shirt on. It does prick a little for about 2 minutes, but then your body adjusts. I can't say it feels great while you're on it, but the feeling when you get off after 10-30 minutes is wonderful.

Sarah W.
More effective than most pain relievers!

am laying on my mat as I write this wondering if everyone knows how amazing this product is! I pinched my sciatic nerve and am a nurse so I just can’t let pain slow me down! After my first use of this mat, I was essentially pain-free for close to 24hours!!!! The mat is sharp but not unbearable. Wear clothes at first and the heavier the clothes the less you’ll feel it. Honestly, it's only bothersome if you plop down on it. I used it without clothes just after the second time. But this mat is honestly a lifesaver!

Mary G.
Game changer!!

Ok so until you get used to this, it hurts. But oh boy, don’t I love this!!! I get really bad headaches and it gets worse with stress to a point where no medication can help me. This was actually recommended to me by a physical therapist. I lay on the mat and pillow every night before I go to sleep. It helps me to unwind and relax. I get the best night's sleep when I do this. Also if I feel a headache coming, I just lay on the pillow for 10 min and it’s gone!! I now have an extra pillow at work. I recommend this enough if you have neck, back, or headache pains. It’s worth every penny.

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Neorm Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set for Back/Neck Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation