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Cristine N.
Tons of fun for your feather friends

We have a yellow napped amazon and he loved this toy, we will be buying him a new one.
It is really long tho so if you don’t have a large cage or somewhere in your house to hang it you might want to find a smaller one.
It’s well made, the price is great and our bird LOVED IT.

Joanna M.
Pleasantly surprised

My bird's really not interested in toys and the thickness seemed like it might be too big for a green cheek conure, but I hung it in the corner of his cage anyway and to my surprise, he climbs on it quite a bit! The wire inside is strong and easy to pose so it's pretty versatile.

There was definitely an odor when I first opened the package, but after a week or so it seems to have dissipated.

Charmaine M.
Well loved by my picky Triton Cockatoo...

After 'inheriting" a cockatoo from a friend that passed away, we had to double down and take a speed course on Cockatoos to know what she may need to be happy in our household. A friend recommended a rope toy like this one that could double as a perch or toy. It took a week before she would have anything to do with it, but when she did, it was constant! Playing with where it was suspended on the cage roof and "moving" it all around, playing with the bottom bell, and then finally tying it to the side of the pen... She plays with it at some point each day, even though she has plenty of other foraging toys and other busy items. I call that a win! It was a great price, and nice quality.

Ken R.
Nice quality toy for large parrot cage

I have a yellow-crowned Amazon parrot who is about 35 years old and I haven't purchased any new toys lately so I tried this one. The rope appears to be well made and sturdy. My parrot has not tried to stand on it. I fully expect he will try to rip it apart for fun as he did with a similar rope I had in there before. So far, he is not too thrilled about it. It is a good size rope that has been hanging in his cage for about a week now. It attaches easily to the top of the cage. It does not attach to the bottom of the cage so it swings freely. I'm not sure he will be happy with the swinging part if he tries to sit on it (although I'm pretty sure it would hold him). I'm happy with the quality of the rope.

Dominique T.
Umbrella Cockatoo Is Happy

I get these ropes so that my Umbrella Cockatoo can hang out on it inside his cage.

My bird will spend long periods biting through the rope and eventually, will bite through the top piece and wire to make it drop to the bottom of the cage.

He seems to really enjoy his time with this rope. I would love to see a chain of some kind in the middle to prolong the time he has with it.

I supervise him with this perch as I don’t want him stuck in the strings as he continues to destroy it. Don’t get me wrong, I am well-pleased with this rope. This is his second one. I plan to purchase a bigger one, once he gets through this one.

Tristan G.
Great perch

My cockatiels love it - it is their favorite perch inside their cage. I was initially worried they would chew on it and ingest the strings, but I have not seen them chew on it at all and we have had it a couple of months now. Will definitely be a return customer.

Jarred G.
Holds up pretty good

My African Grey really likes this rope. Maybe too much. He can chew his way through a section of rope in a few days. He likes to play with the bell on the end too.

Robin W.
Great toy and made well.

I have only had this toy a couple of days but it seems to be very well made. The shape of the rope can be changed if needed. One drawback is the bell at the bottom of the rope seems to be very cheap and does not ring well. My parrot loves to ring bells, so I will probably replace that bell with a better one.

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