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Jayson J.
Good product

Well built. Pretty stiff and takes some effort to adjust; however, so far, it keeps its adjustment.

Sharon F.
Checks all the boxes - Design + Sturdy + Height

I was looking for something that had minimal footprint, but elegantly designed that could extend to the height I needed. I'm a tall guy. This not only met all that criteria, but is also very sturdy.

The hinges are appropriately stiff. Since I'm not constantly adjusting the stand, this is a real positive for me. For someone who is constantly adjusting the height, I don't know how the hinges will do over time since there is no way to adjust or tighten them from what I can see. That said, no complaints here. I love mine.

Andie J.
The best! Headache stopper.

I have tried a lot of table stands for my laptop. This one is the only one that folds up compactly, holds my large laptop, and is very adjustable. I don’t need space for a mouse or keyboard. I have a weird hyper flexibility condition that requires me to keep my wrists up high while I type, which is contrary to standard ergonomics. I get really bad headaches when I keep my hands low. However this device has been a lifesaver and has allowed me to keep my hands up as well as my screen at a good height while I type, and I have stopped having severe headaches and knots in my back. I want to mention that due to the hyper flexibility I do not get carpal tunnel. This is a very flexible laptop stand and I imagine it can be used for proper ergonomic use as well.

Love L.M.
Sturdy and great!

I'm using MacAir 2011. The stand is what I want. Very stable and looks good on my Mac. The silicone pads on the stand hold nicely with minimum slip (see in the pic). I keep the Styrofoam pad underneath so that I can put my keyboard and pad. There are a couple of cons;
1. If there is a kind of indicator on the joints, that might be helpful to gauge the tilting angle.
2. When I got this, there were some scratches on the side. I really don't care that much but QC is definitely needed.

Edison F.
Infinite adjust-ability and very sturdy

You can immediately tell that this is a very high quality and well engineered product. I’ve moved it to different areas and used it for my laptop, my iPad, books and writing pads and it has worked well for them all. It’s completely adjustable and once you set it to a position it doesn’t move even if applying pressure through typing or writing. I’m currently using it to use my laptop close to my desktop but I swap it out to use as an iPad stand often. It has nice non-slip surfaces so whatever you set on it won’t move around. Until I bought this I seldom used my laptop because I just didn’t have the room to set it up but not only does this let me fully utilize my limited desk space but it also allows me to work ergonomically! I’m super pleased!

Tracy M.
Good looking, substantial stand at a good price

Perfect size for my laptop and desk.

Michael S.
Works OK, but very stiff

This stand is quite stiff, it takes quite a bit of effort and a solid surface to adjust it.

Katie S.
I Love This Stupid Thing

I had a couple of reasons for wanting a laptop holder, but namely it was to use my computer in bed without it overheating on the sheets. I liked that this holds the computer high if needed and also allows for wide angles (i.e. near vertical).

As others have mentioned, the joints are tight. This is fine if you're not constantly adjusting. But even then, it leads me to believe that it will be more stable and last longer.

If I were to change anything about the design, I would round out the feet where the movable legs attach to the base. Sometimes when I pick it up, I grab them and they're pointy. Also, the part where the laptop sits I'd probably add more air holes for ventilation/reduced weight. Obviously this isn't necessary, but the large oval hole could be spread out. Maybe hexagonal holes cut throughout. Just the design seems to be so basic and it could breathe better. But in all honesty it's not a concern, more a design preference.

I looked at a number of laptop stands and can definitely recommend this one.

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