Xectus Backpack Chest Strap | Adjustable & Non-slip Backpack Shoulder Strap

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Toni B.
Sewn onto my son's backpack

The backpack my 6 year old son wanted for this year is not a kid backpack and was a little big for him so I bought this to sew on a sternum strap for it. I just hand sewed it on and it looks great! Glad to have the other set handy around the house for future use.

Calix G.
Pretty good

I sewed them onto a motorcycle backpack and they work pretty well. Only problem is there was a small crack in one of the clips but it still works fine so I just glued it and got on with my day.

Vico C.
Sturdy chest strap is better than the original!

I have an expensive Ogio backpack and the chest strap broke after a couple of years. This replacement from Xectus worked perfectly! To install, I cut off the original leaving the plastic rings on either side. I took the Xectus strap apart and removed the loose ring. I attached the strap through the side rings and adjusted it to length. The strap was much longer than needed, so I simply cut off equal lengths on each side with sharp scissors, slipped them through the retention clip, and back through for a tidy look. After cutting the strap, the ends started fraying a bit. To fix, I used a lighter to slightly and evenly melt the ends just like you would with a parachute cord. The straps look fantastic and aren't fraying anymore. Thanks Xectus for a great strap replacement that was fun and easy to install!

Princess Q.
Buckle your buckles so your buckles don't get broken

I needed a chest strap for my external frame backpack (personal preference). This is much easier than ordering brand new shoulder straps that may not fit my old model pack. Because of the tension created between the 2 shoulder straps, there's no need to sew/adhere them in one spot when clipped. They will slip to the bottom of your straps when not in use, but easy-peasy; slip them back up where needed when your pack is back on!

Durrel F.

So far the item looks good. Easy to strap in. Come with a nice little pouch to put everything in. One minor thing - when strap in, the d-ring can poke into the ribs and is uncomfortable.

Sede T.
Great addition to my leaf blower

I recently purchased an Echo backpack leaf blower. Wonderful too. But the only negative was that the shoulder straps would slip off my shoulder on the side of the blower tube and throttle. As a backpacker, I always use sternum straps, so I did a search on Xectus portal and found these. Installed one on my blower and......perfect! I don't know why the manufacturers don't include them. Much more support.

Diane W.
Awesome for little kids with giant backpacks!

I’ve got 2 tiny runts, with full-size backpacks. They’re always struggling to keep their straps on while waddle-running to the school bus. We found these, strapped them up in seconds and now they’re ready to rock and roll! Super happy, and they are too even though my picture implies otherwise 😂

Marian D.
All backpack should have chest strap

I have a 3rd and 4rd grader whose backpacks do not have a chest strap. These work well. Strap is adjustable. Very strong- well made.

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Xectus Backpack Chest Strap | Adjustable & Non-slip Backpack Shoulder Strap