BodyPurge Yoga Mat Strap - Stretch Strap & Mat Carrier, with Extra Thick, Durable and Comfy Texture

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Therese W.
love this strap for 2 reasons

The purple is a beautiful shade that I use on my purple Manduka mat. My yoga mat is very heavy and difficult to put into a cloth carrying case so I bought this. It's very easy to slide the strap on and off and so convenient to use to carry my heavy mat back and forth to the gym. I love that I don't need an additional strap for stretching and can just use this same strap for 2 purposes. It's very well made, pretty colors and will last me for years.

Angel J.
Terrific quality product!

I LOVE my beautiful (purple) yoga strap! I've never used one before & thought it was a bit detailed for a beginner to figure out, but it was oh-so-simple! Terrific quality at half the retail price. Go for it!

Alyanna S.
Soft, strong, and adjustable

Exactly what I was looking for! I bring 2 mats to Pilates because we are on a wood floor, so I needed a strap that would fit and still have room to sling over my shoulder. It is a super soft and durable strap and there are no rough stitches, so it can be used as a strap during yoga without bothering your feet.

Krisha G.
Wonderful mat carrying strap, would definitely buy again!

This thing is fantastic and was a great bargain. Others have commented that it could be used as a yoga strap in a pinch, and while I myself probably won't do this, it would certainly be able to serve this purpose (maybe not all the time, but again, in a pinch). Also, some other reviews have said they got dirty units, but mine was absolutely fine. Very happy to finally have a great carrying strap for my yoga mat!

Eris S.
Best Product EVER!

I had a bad car accident in Nov. 2018, when I injured both iliotibial bands in my legs. For MONTHS, I was using a looped, bathrobe belt to stretch and having NO luck! I decided to order this strap and I'm kicking myself for NOT ordering it MONTHS ago! I would be in better shape had I done that! This band is sturdy and very easy to use. It does a great job of helping me exercise my legs in between physical therapy sessions. If you have to do stretching, do NOT hesitate to buy this. It's made so well that I expect this strap to last for years!!! LOVE IT!

Arnold W.

This strap has made a HUGE difference in my life!!! I suffer from scoliosis and fibromyalgia with chronic pain, literally from head to toe... but A LOT of neck and back pain. My neck and back are VERY STIFF due to years of malformation. I've tried for years to stretch on my own to no avail... I just can't ever seem to get to the point I need to, and medications never relieve my pain. This strap (and I'm sure anything of similarity) has actually allowed me to be able to manipulate different positions and stretch the muscles that truly need attention. I haven't had the ability to be flexible and pain-free in years... simply because I've been unable to properly stretch. Thank God I never take no for an answer!!!!

Rose H.
Nice strap

It definitely makes carrying my yoga mat much easier and keeps it from unrolling when storing. Sometimes it’s a little tough to get the straps to slide/cinch in around the mat though. It is super durable and heavyweight. All in all would recommend it.

Jamaica G.
sturdy & functional

Thick sturdy polyester cotton fabric. Fairly easy to place around your yoga mat. Takes a bit of adjustment to get it lined up evenly on your mat. My previous mat strap with elastic and was all stretched out and this is not elastic so it should last forever.

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BodyPurge Yoga Mat Strap - Stretch Strap & Mat Carrier, with Extra Thick, Durable and Comfy Texture