FullSplash Swimming Caps | Durable, Flexible and Silicone

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Cristine N.
comfortable and secure

The swim cap is perfect for my purpose. I have been swimming competitively and recreation for 50+ years and this cap is the most durable. Some caps are thin and feel as if they will rip as I tuck my long hair under them - but not this cap. It is comfortable to wear and because it is silicone it dries nicely for future uses. Great product!

Donna C.
Works great and fits well

I have one daughter with kind of thin medium length hair and another daughter with long thick hair and both say these work great for swim team practice and meets. So I would not hesitate to buy these again if they happen to lose the ones they have.

Vincent B.

Purchased for my swim crazed daughter. She has super thick hair and most swim caps don't come close to covering it. She has medium length hair so it’s not a length issue. Just really thick. These cover her hair and part of her ears. She says they are perfect. I think they seem to be a nice thickness and flexibility.

Heidi S.
recommend to my fellow ladies

Best swimming cap I’ve ever bought. Absolutely no water was into my hair buts fits well and not too tight. Really good for thick hair. No rubbery smell and no hair snagging. Excellent product. I’m so pleased. I recommend to my fellow ladies with thick. Long Afro hair.

Simon H.
Amazingly comfortable

I had tried other products that always pulled my hair. This is very comfortable and my hair is to my lower back. Fits perfectly. Doesn't pull or slip. Looks great too.

Joanna M.
Comfortable and Easy to use

I recently started swimming daily. The chlorine was drying out of my hair. I was tired of going to work with wet hair. NO MORE! These swim caps have resolved both of these issues. I highly recommend them to anyone that swims regularly and has the same issues.

Mariano B.
Fits Well WIth Long Hair

The product goes on easier when you have long hair. It fits nicely without being too tight when you have long hair. It does keep the hair dryer than the other swim caps we have used. However, it did not keep it completely dry. The hair still was damp after swimming an hour in a pool.

John B.
Lots of room for lots of hair!

These long hair swim caps definitely have plenty of added room in the back for long hair. My daughter is a swimmer and she said the cap is comfortable and tight so it should stay on well. She didn’t love the look of the big bump at the back, but obviously that is the whole point of having room for lots of hair. Because all the pools around us are closed due to Coronavirus, she hasn’t actually been able to swim with the caps yet, but she says these seem thicker, tighter, and more durable than her other swim caps. We will see!

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FullSplash Swimming Caps | Durable, Flexible and Silicone