Alco Toner for Face & Neck w/ Vitamin C for Aging Skin



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Gabby B.
As a guy I want to keep my skincare routine ...

As a guy I want to keep my skincare routine as simple as possible. I have been using skin moisturizers before bed and in the morning. A few times they made me have small breakouts. I wanted to add a toner to tighten up before I moisturized and this honestly has done the trick so far. Haven’t had a breakout since adding this to my routine. Loving it so far!

George R.
Best Toner!

I LOOOOOOOVE this toner so much! My skin is super sensitive and will break out over any little thing. This keeps my skin so clean and fresh. I use it in the morning and at night. Will definitely be sticking with this toner for as long as they sell it.

Cory D.
Perfect for oily/acne-prone skin

After I ran out of it I noticed a big difference. My pores became larger and my fine lines more pronounced. My t-zone oiliness came back. After a few weeks without this product I decided to buy it again. Immediately within a couple days of using again my skin was much better. This product seriously is amazing. Would recommend to anyone with oily skin.

Jolie L.
Noticable results quickly.

I love how this makes my skin feel. It noticably tightened my pores up in just a a couple days. It smells a little earthy and is an Amber color from not being bleached. I was found what I was looking for. Something to freshen, brighten, and tighten my face. It's very refreshing to spirits after a shower and throughout the day. I would recommend to anyone.

Barbara J.
Great Vitamin C toner!

Let me preface this by saying I rarely write reviews. However I recently was recommend using a Vitamin C based toner by my esthetician. After browsing numerous reviews, I found this affordable solution from Alco. It has a pleasant smell, though not entirely citrus. I assume it’s muted because of the other ingredients. In any case, I’ve been using it a few weeks now and my pores are noticeably smaller. My acne has reduced considerably in combination of this toner and my regular twice-daily face washing routine. I spritz this on a cotton pad after washing, before moisturizing, and I’m good to go! Definitely recommend this product!

Melissa R.
I love this stuff

I love this stuff. If you can get over the odd smell, I have noticed a huge change in my skin. After just a few days I noticed my skin as cleaner and brighter and just seemed healthier. This stuff is amazing.

Avery C.
Excellent toner

This toner is excellent! No sting when applying. It Is helping my skin look brighter. Too soon to know if there will be other positive effects. I have sensitive skin and a history of mild rosacea, so I'm glad this toner is mild, yet powerful. t's a keeper.

Chenny P.
Love this product

Love this product...keeps my skin smooth n vibrant. Brings out my makeup colors all day n night. Just spray it on to refresh U'r FACE n Wa- la....U'r good to go. Just love it.

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Alco Toner for Face & Neck w/ Vitamin C for Aging Skin