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Amor P.

I have pretty damaged skin from cystic acne which resulted in multiple abscesses that needed surgical treatment leaving scars. On top of that, years of tanning as a tanning bed operator and lifeguard combined with the effects of smoking has left my skin a mess. I’m doing microdermabrasion and chemical peels that can over dry my skin and it's so painful. This makes my skin feel smoother, peel better during this process, and I've seen the wrinkles around my lips and eyes reduce in size visibly which is more than I can say about another product. It's not oily and doesn't clog my pores. I use this with the vitamin C serum and the rosehip oil for my scarring. My face hasn't transformed into this masterful art piece but I can go without makeup more often and feel confident. I haven't been able to do that since I hit puberty.

Penelope C.
Love it!

Excellent product. I have tried several other skin products but this product is light on your skin and tightens up my skin. I see a big difference in a few weeks under my eyes, dark spots, and helps with my oily skin.

Cynthia W.
I would recommend for someone whose tired of throwing money away on ...

I can diffidently tell the difference in my skin, it fills more plump and a rested look, does not irritate my sensitive skin which is a big deal, I would recommend for someone whose tired of throwing money away on high end products that does nothing!!

Lucy J.

I use this serum coupled with derma roller 1.5 on my forehead because I had moderate lines on my forehead and was forced to have a full fringe to hide them, now with these two products my forehead has ZERO lines and I’ve grown my fringe out, super happy did take 6 weeks with rolling every week and using this to see results.

Olivia C.
I love the results

I don't look like I had a facelift but my skin is tighter and smoother. I specifically wanted to decrease the crepe skin on my cheeks and neck. These really work. I saw a visible difference within a week of using them.

Cherry S.
Awesome product

Excellent product and affordable. Easy to apply, instant results without the high prices of expensive name brands. Convenient size to carry in purse and keep in the medicine cabinet. Clean and easy application without a 100 step system. Tightens and lifts skin instantly with all-natural healthy ingredients. Shipping was fast. The price was right. No mess, no smell or perfumes. It actually made my skin more youthful even after the product was washed off the skin. It’s a health benefit as well as a beauty product. I have ordered it several times already. This is the first product in my life I have continued to use after a few tries. I have been using it for months and I see years of damaged skin being improved daily. This product is now my personal beauty secret. You will love it. I am over 50 but feel 30 again.

Bella B.
Softer skin

Only giving this a 4 star, because I had a micro-needling procedure done, so I don't know if the improvements are from that, or this product, or both, but when I do use this, I do have a nice sheen as it soaks in, and my skin is definitely softer,

Kelly H.
Great Results!

I started using this product and I incorporated it into my night time routine and it’s made a huge difference in my skin. With time I noticed my skin looks more glowy and more bouncy. Also, my dark spots have diminished.

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