Kare Aloe Vera Essence Soothing & Moisturizing Gel│40g



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Lady L.

I love aloe Vera and this has just a few additives to preserve it and I think there may be a bit of scent...I think this is a bit thicker than other aloe Vera gels I've tried, which is really nice. I have oily skin on my face and this is great for moisturizing, especially in the summer. I play golf swimming every day so I use every day and it works! Nice and soothing, moisturizing, and doesn't leave a sticky feeling behind. Very nice!

jacob t.
Amazing product !!

I use this mainly as a facial moisturizer. As indicated, this gel is quite watery. I love the consistency as a facial moisturizer. I saw a few people had reactions and redness when using this product. I have very sensitive skin and I haven't had an issue at all. I store it in the fridge and it is so refreshing. I will purchase this again.

Penelope C.
useful and very moisturized product

It is very useful because it satisfies the moisture of the face after a shower when my face is dry. Also, it would be good to use to soothe the skin after waxing. I used this product for three days, the redness of the skin has disappeared. I recommend this product.

Cynthia W.
Refreshing Aloe

I love Aloe! It is good for our skin. I like to put Aloe right after I wash my face. It is very refreshing. This product is awesome! I feel very satisfied! Thank you so much!

Lucy J.
Works great to clear up a burn

I loved this aloe gel. It didn’t leave my skin feeling sticky which most gels do. It goes on smooth and soaks into the skin nicely. It helped clear up a bad sunburn on my legs and I had minimal peeling which was great. I will buy more!

Gian C.S.
Great for sunburn!!

I do like this aloe Vera gel. I have oily skin on my face so I don’t like sticky texture but this one was not sticky at all.
After I got a sunburn, I applied it to my shoulder and back. It soothed my pain immediately. Also, I usually use unscented products because of my skin trouble. I think this gel has a light scent. But it bothered me at all!!
I am totally looking for another reason to buy for my family this summer. Highly recommended!!

Olivia C.

This Aloe Vera Gel has a natural scent and I’m really like it. This smooth aloe gel is not sticky at all. Also, it has arrived on time despite this COVID-19. I have tried putting on my face and it feels refreshed. Love this product and definitely purchase more soon

Amor P.
Good quality

Bought this for an island vacation and my young daughter's face always burns no matter how much sunscreen I use -- this pure gel has no fragrance, is thick, and cleared up her sunburn after continually applying from the time we came in from beach until bedtime. Next day no sunburn, no peeling, and no complaints!

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Kare Aloe Vera Essence Soothing & Moisturizing Gel│40g