Petnician Gentle Pet Grooming Shedding Massage Brush Glove

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Christopher W.
BUY IT!!!!!

Ok so I was skeptical at first about buying this because I didn’t think it would really get all that fur off like the photos in the reviews. Our car is shedding like crazy and we tried different kinds of brushes but none of them really did anything. When this was delivered we tried it out right away on our cat and omg I was shocked!! The photos attached are from the first time we used it on her and I was shocked that it took off so much fur! This glove is seriously awesome and I wish I knew about it way sooner. If your cat is shedding and you need something that will actually take off all the excess fur, this is it for you!

Krisha G.
Don’t waste anymore time without this glove!

Only one of my cats will let me touch her with it. But the results are great! In less than 10 minutes I have brushed off a mountain of hair. Easy to remove hair and keep using.

Levi L.
Does a fabulous job, wrist strap is a little small

This glove is fabulous. We have a cat who leaves you covered in hair just by petting him normally for 10 seconds. Regular brushes do next to nothing to help with his shedding. We brushed him for 30-45 seconds with this and got a *huge* amount of hair off. I am very impressed with this glove.

My only complaint is that the Velcro wrist strap bit is a little too small for me.

Virginia L.
This thing works!!!

My Mom's cat loves this thing. She is a very loving cat and wants to be loved on all the time. When I went to visit today I rook this with me. I couldn't believe the amount of hair that it got off of her. It gave her a great massage and after 45 minutes she was still sitting there purring like a happy kitty.

Ernest J.
Works great

The attached photo shows the hair removed from our two cats in two nights of use. They usually get brushed every evening when they spend time on my lap but the pet brush obviously doesn't get all of the loose hair. The glove removed a lot of hair as can be seen in the photo. After the loose hair was removed I had to use the glove more gently because it started to pull some and they didn't like that.

Due to the way her coat is, our toy poodle does not like the glove at all. Her woolly coat has a lot of small tangles and it really pulls.

Karla G.
All cat owners need this mit!

AMAZING. I love this mit. It's a bit big for my hand but the velcro wrist strap keeps the mit secure. I highly recommend this product to anyone with cats. It's easy to use, easy to clean, and the cats love it

Arnold W.
A Must Have For Pet Owners!!

The pet grooming gloves can be used on dogs and cats. It massages and collects pet hair. The gloves are durable with an adjustable velcro strap to fit your hands perfectly. My dog loves when I use the grooming gloves on her, she feels comfortable and relaxed as I massage her with the gloves. The gloves collect a lot of hair, quickly and easily!

The dual ended toothbrush cleans teeth effectively and the silicone teeth cleaning tool is soft and provides comfort when you are cleaning your pet’s teeth.

My dog loves the cotton rope toy and I love it because it’s non-toxic!

I highly recommend this product and I believe all pet owners should own this set!

Nicolas R.

I have a short-haired dog that sheds an insane amount every day. The cat has been having hairball problems. I have a furminator and a couple other hair brushes that I have used for both. The furminator is too small and while it does an ok job I can never brush the dog enough for it to matter, literally an hour brush job and still shedding. So for the price I thought I would give these hands a try. YES! I strap them on, one size fits all and I have tiny hands so I just tighten the velcro at the wrists. My animals love attention and these gloves are not sharp or hard so I can push down and rub circles and really get the hair off. They love it so much when I sit down they both run over and whoever I start with the other one just sits there and stares until it's their turn. This picture is about three days worth of serious grooming for both cat and dog. LOVE THESE!

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