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Lucy J.
Really works!

I was skeptical but this stuff really works. I always have trouble when summer ends and I turn in the flip flops for real shoes. Works like a charm and haven't needed a band aid once!

Olivia C.
Super effective! I highly recommend it!

I love this product and am using it very often! I have a lot of uncomfortable shoes that used to rub blisters on my heels, toes, side of the feet. Since using this anti-friction balm, I have not had and blisters and my shoes don't rub on my skin, they stay in place like I want them. I love this balm and am getting one every month! Highly recommend this!

Amor P.
Protects my feet

I kept getting blisters on my toes during my long runs. I use this and have NO issues with blisters at all. Such a great product. Doesn't have a smell, easy to carry, easy to apply and long lasting.

Update: I ran a marathon a day ago and only got one blister the whole time. I consider this a win! I didn't even notice the blister until now.

Cherry S.
Does its job

Easy application. A little greasy, but that's how you avoid friction. It adds protection when I wear nylons, but doesn't last 8 hours. I noticed my feet were still sore, but there weren't blisters so I guess it did its job.

Jasmin C.

I wish I had thought of this! I always get blisters with new shoes and keep the blister balm in my purse as it's the only thing that really works. I've tried the band-aid solution but alas they get all bunched up and fall off! Plus it feels so unprofessional to have a bandaid on my heal! I'm not sure how this works but IT WORKS! Totally invisible and brilliant!

Bella B.
Great for preventing blisters

What I love about this product is that you apply before you think you will have a blister. So it is proactive and not reactive. I have a pair of shoes that I absolutely love that I wear to weddings. I recently had a wedding and had anticipated getting a blister in my usual spot. I applied this in advance and bought it with me in my purchase and I did not have a blister this time! Great if you can remember to apply beforehand!

Kelly H.
It really works!

At first I was skeptical. But this product really works! I have 2 new pairs of shoes that rub in a place I surely would get a blister. I put on Blister Balm, walked 2 miles in these shoes and amazingly DID NOT GET A BLISTER! Totally worth the money. Get this product. You won't be disappointed.

Sabrina P.
Miracle Balm!

I wear high heels to work and running shoes when I’m chasing my kids, and this product keeps my feet going day in and day out! I can't believe how effective this balm is in preventing blisters. I even feel like it makes my feet softer when I use it. I feel so good knowing that it is safe and natural too. I put it on just once in the morning and it lasts all day. Obsessed!

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