ActiveAssets Horse Fly Mask, Full Face Cover with Ears and Nose Extension Anti Mosquito

Size: Medium


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Jarred G.
Great deal

Great mask for the price. Really nice large eye holes that do not restrict sight or light. Does job perfect. Will order one for my other horse.

Roma S.
Good Quality for the Price

I have this style fly mask in a name brand (Professional's Choice) and this mask seems to be about the same quality. Of course no fly mask lasts all that long so we'll see if these last as long as the masks with the Velcro straps to hold them on (and those don't have a very long life, they usually end up with holes in the mesh). Easy to put on my horses and they seem happy enough to wear them. Also MUCH easier to wear under a bridle than the old style fly mask, and deer flies can be so thick where I live in summer that horses are tortured without ear protection.

Ken R.
Great fit!

It fit perfect and was snug enough to keep the flys out. My house hated the other kind we had but was happy to have this one on him.

Robin W.
Fits my standard sized Donkey pretty well

I bought this for my standard sized donkey. I did have to clip to tips off the ears, as donkey ears are longer than horse ears. It now fits him pretty well. He gets tormented by flys on his eyes.

Dominique T.

The horses can destroy any face mask a month. It tears when they rub their faces. I love they can see better and the flys stay off.

Tristan G.
Love these fly masks!

Bought this for my mare. I bought the pink it was pretty and brought! It was a great fit nice material and very durable I’ve had for 3 months now using everyday in turn out and haven’t had one rip and she’s kept it on! And it’s easy to use just slips right on no straps it’s great! Definitely be buying more!

Mark H.
Definately keeps the flies of their eyes/ faces

I liked these masked for my horses. They were comfortable with it on. Unfortunately they ripped after about 5 weeks. I will try to sow them back up.

Pinky S.
My horse can see!

Have you ever tried looking thru your horses fly mask? Most of them are very hard to see out of. This fly mask is super easy to see out of and comfortable for your horse. If you have horses that like to play and rip each others fly masks of simply put an old one with the eye netting removed over this one and your are good to go .

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ActiveAssets Horse Fly Mask, Full Face Cover with Ears and Nose Extension Anti Mosquito