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Patricia B.
Great socks, and great customer service!

These are great for my 12 year old dog who had a lot of trouble slipping on our wood floors. They fit well and stay on pretty well. I never thought he'd be willing to wear them but he kept them on right from the start so they must be comfortable enough. They've held up to multiple washings, though I air dry them so I don't know if they'd shrink in the dryer. Great customer service too.

Nariz S.
Turk loves his Pawks!

Great item. Our pup has allergies and licks his feet raw. So we bought these socks so we can put medicine on his feet and they will prevent him from licking it off. They worked great, especially great at bed time. And they are ridiculously cute! The non-slip bottoms work great and really help on our hard floors. And thankfully he's a pretty mellow pup and doesn't mind when we put clothes and socks and shoes on him :) I'd definitely buy more.

Jeanne K.
Shih Tzu Slides No More

We put these on our 15-year-old Shih Tzu while she is in the house to help keep her from sliding around on our wood floors. She has weak hip adductors so sometimes on the wood she would fall straight down with her legs splayed out to the side. The extra grip provided by these keeps her stable and actually able to run around indoors. I wouldn't keep them on for walks, as they will get dirty fast and probably lose one. If I leave these on her at night by the time I wake up she has generally removed 2 of them, somehow without leaving her bed, but I prefer this fit because I don't want her to feel like her paws are being squeezed too tightly constantly. Really great, have ordered multiple times after losing some.

Robert B.
Non slip dog

These work perfectly for my 75 lbs. Flat-coated retriever. He was slipping badly due to arthritic hips. (Hardwood floors). Measuring his feet I chose medium, as, from other comments on other patterns, I got the idea that people were ordering too large. I do wish they were longer, but they do stay on most of the time, and he actually seems upset when I take them off so he can go out...and she is ready to get them right back on. This is my second pair. I rate them 4 vs 5 as they could be a couple of inches longer and the cute rubber gripper underneath could be larger...though as I say, they do work fine. And look adorable.

Roselyn R.
Cute as can be, but yes they're ridiculous.

My ancient little doofus dog has trouble regulating his body temp, so I thought what the hey and got these. What can I say? He shakes a lot less with them on. He won't walk in them. I won't add to his stress by trying to make him. He wears them on the couch. Sock monkeys. I also tried them on the cat. That lasted about ten seconds Lol!

Jessa B.
I'm happy I found these

I refinished a wood floor and my 15-year-old golden retriever started sliding all over the place. He simply couldn't get any leverage so he'd fall down and then he couldn't get his legs planted well enough to push himself back up. Traction was clearly needed. I'm happy I found these. They do give him the traction he needs to walk without sliding, they protect the floor from his nails, and they look cute. My only problem with them is that they do not stay on his back legs. They stayed well pulled up -- just like a pair of knee socks -- on his front legs but invariably slide down and finally fall off his back legs.

Hero A.
Had doubts, but glad I bought them!

Just got these for my little guy who was slipping on the tile. I was conflicted to buy them because of the contradicting reviews, but they're AMAZING! He's a 12 lb papillon/chihuahua mix and I bought the small because that was recommended size. It looks like they're small on him, but they stay on and the grip isn't moving when he walks. Now just because these work for my dog doesn't mean they will work for every dog since all the precious babies are so different. But I highly recommend giving them a try before something else.

Jaime B.

I love these! I wish they were a little bit longer, but they fit fine. These adorable socks look so cute on my dog and help her walk with a little more confidence on our hardwood floors. It seems like they do tend to ride down and slowly slip off, especially when he starts getting excited, but overall they are great! And my floors have some protection from his claws.

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