CookBright Apple Cutter Slicer, Corer and Divider

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Mary G.
Apple slicer is a win

Very impressed with this Apple slicer! I was a little skeptical given the cheap price, but it has proven to be a sturdy slicer.

Elise V.R.
Premium stainless steel

I chose it because it is made of stainless steel but with relatively cheaper price, I was worried that if the cheaper price would come with cheap quality, but surprised me it is made of premium stainless steel (though the outside ring is plastic) which I can feel the weight, unlike cheap quality that is lightly weighted. It works well to cut apply into slices, no complain.

Janet G.
Life hack!

My daughter loves eating apples now because of the apple cutter! Great quality!

Margaux F.
Easy to use (and I’m not that strong)

Easy to use (and I’m not that strong). The handle makes it feel it’s not going to slip! Also very easy to clean. The only downside is that is doesn’t cut ALL the way through. It stops at the skin at the bottom. However, it takes literally 10 seconds to just pull up on each of the freshly cut slices to free them. For the price and the overall quality, it’s a great product.

Juliet B.
Game changer

Blades are sharp and cut through apples easily. It makes apples much easier to eat and dip! Cleaning is usually as easy as rinsing it underwater.

Alexa B.
Gets the job done!

This was just what I needed... cuts cleanly with very little core exposed on slices. However, probably not great for larger apples, which you would still need to trim a bit.

Cristine R.
I love these things

I love these things! If you eat apples and hate cutting them up yourself or suck at it then buy this! I believe it also can be used for potatoes to make wedges but I’m not positive because I’ve never used it for that.

Samantha G.
Great product

My family has used the Apple slicer multiple times with success. Easy to clean, easy to store, overall a great product.

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