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Gian C.S.

Really nice little kit with all you need. The suction cups dont seem to powerful but the stones hose and fittings work very nicely. The suction cups however do hold the hoses in place great. I would buy again for other smaller projects and from this seller!

Cynthia W.
Fantastic kit for beginners!!!

Fantastic kit for beginners like me, dident know what to get ordered this and it came with everything I could want, and all seem to be great quality, and came very fast!

Lucy J.
They work and don't suck

Don't buy this kit for the suction cups they don't suck (yes that's a bad thing). Other than that the kit is solid. I'm using it to run a hydroponic veggie system and it works great.

Olivia C.
Great durability!

Some of the suction cups work better than the others. Airstone is the perfect size and gives off fine bubble. The tubing is the best I have purchased thick durable and fits better than any other tubing. Tubing is also rubbery and bends easily compared to what you get at a pet store and much cheaper.

Jerico M.
Exactly As Described

Great product...would buy again. No issue with product, and the ziplock packaging is great...extra tubing is put away nicely. The tubing is soft and flexible and once attached to pump and air stones it creates a tight seal. If I could change anything about the product I would make the tubing is frosty white which makes it more noticeable in aquarium.

Amor P.
Great product, definitely recommend

Pretty easy to install. Haven’t had any issues with this product. We even drilled some tiny holes into my daughter’s castle decoration and put the tubing attached to the air stone under it and it now has bubbles coming out of the holes in her castle. She loves it!! Very pleased!

Robert H.
Good Kit

Good set of items, and everything works as it should.

I prefer clear tube instead of the opaque white, but they show what it is already ahead of time, so not really a flaw of the product.

The Suction cups work well sticking to the inside of my tank, and I am using the Check Valve without a problem with a citric acid Co2 system.

Steve M.
Worth it for the price and quality

It's noiseless, has no suction, but it works well for its intended purpose. Because it's literally just air tubing and accessories...

One of the valves broke rather easily or I might have pulled too hard, not sure but I'm going to take it as user error and not product issue.

It fits all standard air tubing things and you can use it in conjunction with other air pumps and tubing accessories. Currently, the check valve work as well. The air rocks are also decent.

Didn't check the length but it was more than enough for what I needed. The little suction things can come apart because it looks to be two individual pieces overall instead of just one but they work well enough.

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