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Joanna M.
Worth the Price. Very cute in my fish tank. Good size.

The first one I had a bit of a defect but still usable but I'm glad the seller contacted me & sent me a replacement & that one is perfect. I have to say even with the hic-up it was definitely worth the price and the care of the seller. Thank you.

Roma S.
Bettas best friend

this is a cute little floatie that added on to the tropical theme i have for my 5 gallon betta tank. He likes to rest beside it and ive even seen him up in it. Even the dwarf frogs sit on it occasionally.easy to clean and the adjustable string can let it sit at any depth.

Charmaine M.
Good buy

Cute, works great! It was a bit to big for my 3.5 gallon tank. It did fit but I just felt like it was too much so I took it out but for a 5 gallon or more its a good purchase.

Jarred G.

I love this, it's adorable. I bought these to decorate at an Under the Sea theme at a vacation Bible school. They look reasonably realistic, but cute at the same time.

Ken R.
Love it

looks great in tank. everyone thinks it's real........ lol my only problem was it took well over 5 weeks to arrive since i didnt realize it was coming from out of the country. To make matters worse, it was at my local Walmart for the same price! live and learn. Seller is fine though and they did as promised, my bad for not looking at the original place of shipment.

Robin W.
Fun and different tank decor

Fun addition to the aquarium. You can change the length of the fishing line to have them "swim" where you want. You don't notice the suction cups unless you're looking for them.

**shipping was slow, and the suction cups only stay on my glass when they're under the water. They don't stay on the glass above the water. These two things were not an issue for me.

Dominique T.
Very beautiful and realistic

I bought this Jelly after my spongebob-obsessed 2-yr olds glo-fish kept passing away.

this "fish" is totally awesome on his own and moves around just from the current of the filter,but we later purchased an LED bubbler that made it look about a million times more amazing. Its so realistic that I've had to take it out of the tank to prove to adults that it is fake!

My son absolutely adores this little dude and I plan on purchasing more in different colors. I would highly recommend these guys for any LED tank/Glo tank!

Mark H.
Fooling Uncles all over the world!

My Fish love hiding under the belly of the fake jelly fish. They look so real. My uncle asked "how do you know how to raise jellyfish? " I told him I took jellyfish lessons.

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