ArtNetic Artist Glove for Drawing Tablet, iPad (Smudge Guard, Two-Finger, Reduces Friction)



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Jolie L.
Comfort + Function = Just what I wanted

This glove does just what it says it will do. It's comfortable and fits my medium-sized woman's hand loosely. There is an inside seam running up the outer edge of the hand and little finger, but I don't find it noticeable and it doesn't interfere with my using the glove. Since the glove doesn't touch my thumb and first two fingers, it doesn't affect my ability to work. My hand just glides over the tablet surface now, with no drag or danger of damage to the equipment. I expect to be even more grateful for this glove in the winter, when hand lotion, which I want to avoid accidentally smearing or building up on the tablet's surface, becomes even more necessary.

Barbara J.
Artist Glove is a must have for any Pen Graphics Tablet

The ArtNetic Artist Glove for drawing tablets is a must for any artist using a painting/drawing pen graphics tablet. It lets your hand slide freely across the surface of the tablet to avoid hesitation marks in your work product. As for the size, I have a large hand, and it did expand to my hand size. The glove is made basically of some type of Lycra material. Feels great on the hand and breathes to avoid any type of sweat build-up. The right two fingers are perfectly selected for this glove, allowing the person drawing to maintain a solid grip on the stylus pen with the remaining fingers. Overall, it is well priced, good quality, and absolutely necessary for drawing with a graphics tablet.

Erick S.
it's just so nice, I didn't realize how much I desperately needed ...

It’s just so nice, I didn't realize how much I desperately needed this until I bought one.
Drawing on a Cintiq is difficult because your hand doesn't glide. Because I make webcomics, I'm drawing for 16+ hours a day, and within 2 months, I got terrible wrist pains. I bought this because I heard that it would possibly reduce wrist movement (so I can draw with my arm instead) and it was an investment well worth it! Now I can't draw without this on because it just glides when I draw!

Aurora S.

I do a lot of digital painting with Microsoft Fresh Paint. I can get very comfortable while working without constantly erasing smudges. Light, you won't even know you are wearing it. And you can get details like those in one of my paintings 😊 Really, where is the ten-star-button when you need it.

Cory D.
Great for avoiding inadvertent stray marks on drawing surfaces

Prevents inadvertent stray marks from ending up on my Intuos tablet while drawing. Stray marks were costing me a lot of time, and while I suppose I could've cut an old glove to accomplish the same job, for $10 this is more elegant solution that doesn't get fuzz all over my tablet.

Arrah G.

I've always had trouble with drawing on my tablet. But for one of my class assignments I had to use my tablet, and I found that I was getting wrist cramps, a sore on my finger where the pen rested, and my hand would get a bit sweaty after a while and rub against the tablet. I was able to fix my wrist cramps by setting the tablet on a table instead of my lap, but I still had the issue with my finger hurting and my hand rubbing against the tablet.
This glove looked expensive to me, but I was desperate, so I ordered it. And I was NOT disappointed!
The glove protects my finger that was hurting from where the pen rested, and my hand now glides easily across the tablet.
The glove is very comfortable and I usually forget that I am wearing it.
I have tiny hands and was concerned about the fit, but it's perfect.
I recently bought a second one to keep in my purse for when I'm at school. I've started to enjoy using my tablet now!

Brian T.
If you are on a budget, or just want to save a little money, this is the glove for you.

If you are on a budget, which if you recently bought a Wacom Cintiq you most likely are (they are not cheap.) This glove does its job. But, if you can afford it, go for something with a bit more quality control. It won't be much more maybe another $5-$10 at most. (CAPS are so people may actually see this.) ALSO THIS IS NOT A PALM REJECTING GLOVE, so if you have a windows, android or iOS tablet, this isn't the right glove for you. Narrow your search. I hope I am not coming off as rude, because I am just trying help people not waste their money on something they don't want.

Ryan A.
Half a glove for Full Performance

I use this glove at my job and have grown to really like it. It slides fairly well across the surface of my tablet and the absence of the index, middle finger, and thumb is great for helping me maintain a grip on the stylus. Additionally, I really like using it on my tablet as it eliminates palm prints and lets me slide my hand effortlessly across the screen. Note: While the tablet's screen won't read the edge of your palm as a click or drag (with or without this glove on), you can still tap through the glove with your ring or pinky finger.

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