Audiotech Wireless Bluetooth Speakers | Portable Waterproof Soundbar, Support TF Card

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Simon H.
Good sound quality, portable, and nice battery life

8 5 Good sound quality, portable, and nice battery life
This portable speaker is really nice, I love the sound quality of this speaker. It’s nice and clear so the music doesn’t sound muffled. The battery life is nice too, it usually lasts to about 10 hours depending on how loud your putting the speaker on. Charger time usually takes about 4-5 hours to get it fully charged. I love music especially when we have a big family gather so this speaker would be a really nice addition to our monthly gatherings especially when we switch houses to go to somethings so this being portable and easy to carry around is another good thing about it.

Vincent B.

Just got this little speaker yesterday, charged up and took it to a job site today. Lasted all day at full power playing both FM Radio and B.T. connected to my phone. Sounded great, especially considering the size, and was amazed that the battery lasted the entire 8 hour shift. It quickly synced with my phone, and stayed connected even at some distance. One thing I didn't expect that was while its synced my phone will display the battery level/life of the speaker...nice to know as there isn't a battery indicator on the speaker itself. So far so good, will update review if things change over the upcoming months.

Jarred G.
Top of my list for portable Bluetooth speakers!

Little speaker packs a punch. I used it two days camping and it did not require a charge. I think the FM radio is my favorite feature. In my opinion all Bluetooth speakers should have this function, it’s great when there is zero cell reception but still radio signal! I ordered a second one today for some surround sound! I have purchased 5-7 Bluetooth speakers in the last 1-2 years and this one is top on my list for sure!

Ken R.
Great product!

Okay first of all the sound is amazing. It can be really loud and you adjust the volume via the phone or whatever you connected to the Bluetooth. It has amazing bass. The color I got is red and it’s my FAVORITE color. I don’t usually write reviews but I had to for this one. Great value for the money spend and I got an additional 5% off for clicking the extra savings box which was cool. If your debating to get this or not, trust me you won’t regret it. Great for presents too.

Robin W.
Great all around speaker for the price.

I love this speaker setup. Works awesome with bluetooth on my Ipad. Works awesome with the mini sd card with my songs on it. I use this instead of my truck radio, with all of my favorites on the sd card. It was a little more base than I like as being hearing impaired, the base muffles the clarity of the words for ME. Thus, missing one star. For those who have no impairment, it’s certainly a five star. I did not get this for FM, however, it was great on scanning and finding stations and saving them, even in my rural area. Its a keeper.

Dominique T.
Great value wireless speaker

I bought this because I wanted a reasonably powerful bluetooth speaker with FM tuning ability so I can use it to tune into the audio at the drive-in theater without having to leave my car on and drain the battery. This model had the highest rated output I could find on Amazon with FM tuning (12 watts). I had a similar bluetooth speaker previously that did not have FM tuning ability but was rated for 24 watts. I expected this one to have less volume being a lower wattage rating, and it does to a degree, but still has impressive sound. Mainly this unit loses some of the bass that the higher wattage unit had, but otherwise is loud and clear in most situations. I like that it also has the option to put in an SD card to play music directly, but I don't currently plan to use that feature. The ability to pair speakers is interesting and I may buy a 2nd one now to see what the sound is like with two of them. Lastly, I really like the carry case this unit comes with. It provides excellent protection, keeps all the cords neatly organized, and looks nice. I didn't rate the water resistance as I have not tested that. Overall, I think it's an excellent value for what you get.

Tristan G.
Great product!

Amazing sound quality. The design looks great and it is super easy to use. My family and I are always on the go so this is a great addition for us when we're out and want to enjoy some music. I love that this is the perfect size to fit into my bag without taking up a lot of room. Great battery life, we'd take it out with us and it'll last us all day. Who knew this little speaker could be so powerful with such great connection and sound!

Mark H.
nice speaker

I have been looking for something that would allow me to play the same music in the bathroom at a good price. It is by far the best I have ever had, When I say set, The audio from such a compact speaker is astounding, I could expect a greater booming stereo if I pair 2 together, so I gonna get another soon. Btw, the bass is powerful sounds like Bose soundlink.
The volume is amazing. I can easily hear clear when I use them in the bathroom. I would recommend to anyone that does like stereo and buy a pair without any hesitate

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Audiotech Wireless Bluetooth Speakers | Portable Waterproof Soundbar, Support TF Card