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Levi L.
Great solution for balcony planters

This is a really good solution for any location without a nearby faucet. I fill up my watering can, and let the timer do the work. I am watering four plants twice a day for about 30 seconds at a time. I can be gone for about five days and not worry my plants will die. Obviously more plants=more water=fewer days between refills but at least you can go away. The instructions could be a little clearer, but once you figure it out it is not too hard. Battery life is very good. I have had one of these for over a year and only change the batteries once. I bought a second one recently to see if I could use a bigger container for a longer period.

Jamaica G.
Perfect unit for watering plants during vacations or longer

The system works flawlessly. I had placed the watering system above the plants and I experienced siphoning. To prevent siphoning I simply punctured one of the watering lines with a pin where it exits the pump; no more siphoning. I watered two plants three times per day for 30 seconds at each watering. Rather than using alkaline batteries or modifying the unit to use an external source I used good quality NON-rechargeable double-A lithium batteries. The system has been running for just over 90 days and the batteries show no signs of wearing out.

Francis R.
Great with modifications

With some modifications, this thing will be very useful indeed.
The first modification is I sealed up the pinhole on the plastic 'stem'. It shoots water near the batteries and although I guess it serves a purpose, I didn't need it there so I dabbed some hot glue around the hole.
The second modification was to eliminate the need for batteries. I used a female DC power adapter pigtail and soldered it to the positive and negative contacts in the battery compartment. Take the battery compartment off to see which two contacts to use. Match red to red, and black to black. I also hot glued the wires in place to prevent any stress on the solder. I had drilled a small hole in the battery cover to run the wires out. Then you just get a variable AC power supply set to 6V and you have a no-battery solution. I couldn't find the specs for polarity so I left it positive and it worked fine.

Mariano B.

I bought two of these watering systems and tested them over long weekends while out of town. They work very well but it took me a while to understand the programming of the system. A generous amount of tubing is provided, and I tested them on potted tomatoes, peppers, and potted flowers. My only suggestion would be to provide better screws to hold the cover of the battery case and a better tapping for those screws. The screws are so small that they strip easily and are very difficult to screw all the way in. I now use only two of the screws to attach the cover of the batteries. Also, use high power batteries. I would give these five stars except for the battery case screws and the instructions.

Joanna M.
Filled up a big kitchen waste basket with water and not worry about the plants

I know some people said they had problems with it, but I used it for watering potted plants at my Mother's Assisted Living Appt because she would forget to water. Filled up a big kitchen wastebasket with water and not worry about the plants for a couple of weeks, just to refill the wastebasket with more water.

Pinky S.

It works. Going away on a trip and tested out a few other watering systems but found it hard to really tell if any water was actually getting to the plants. With this system, there is a test mode and you can 100% see if the water coming out of the hose. I didn't give it 5 stars for two reasons: 1) I needed to buy an extra green vinyl tube and 2) you cannot turn off the low battery or low water alarm. You're probably buying this system because you are going to be away and if the battery is low of the water is low, you won't be there to do anything about it. I'm using this on my deck which I’m concerned that the beeping will just annoy the neighbors. The beeping isn't that loud and I found that I can cover the speaker with tape to make it quieter. It would be nice to have the option to have no alarm.

Durrel F.
Works great, just make sure to follow the instructions.

Used it to water my girlfriend's garden during a very hot summer while we're both gone for about 5 days. Used it with a 20-gallon storage container, and worked great. I did have to get creative with the mounting of the device to the storage container though. Make sure that the pots are not too high compared to the pump, and keeping the same tube lengths helps with consistent flow across all your tubes.

Eris S.
A Fine Solution

First, let me say I have been working towards an "auto-watering" solution for my indoor plants a long while.
I have tried several systems, including spikes, (which work very well in small pots), timer/pump systems in 55-gallon drums with miles of manifolds & tubing, as well as the Chaber System sold here.
All of them have their merits. However, to solve this bedeviling challenge, I sent for one of these as a test. It is an amazing little workhorse, so I ordered 8 more...
These are great for plants in tents or other restricted spaces. They have the timer/pump in one compact unit, which is made to go with 5-gallon buckets. In conjunction with the Claber, which puts out only one ounce per day, but is also a good unit, this unit really is a smart solution. By setting it to water either once or twice daily for about 30-45 secs., 4 large plants can be maintained for up to a week, 7 days. If also using the ceramic spikes in bedded in each pot, this system can work for up to two weeks. Doesn't soak 7-gallon air pots, but keeps them nicely wet for days...
Also an inexpensive solution to the vexing watering issue, I think the design and ease of set-up and use make this unit a great idea to check out for yourself if, like me, you've been looking for a pro solution at an amateur price. NOT hard to set the tubing & quickly program the timer...
I was very wary of this until I set one up.
Solve your away watering with this unit.

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