XLeum Waterproof Bike Saddle Bag|Portable Cycling Seat Pouch

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Nikko M.
holds what i need it to

using as my emergency kit between bikes, holds spare tube, tire levers, wallet and iphone 7, nice reflective accents, easy open

Allan P.
Roomy and stylish addition to my bike

Overall, the bag was a solid purchase. It is big enough to hold what I need on a bike ride, with some room to spare. Maybe a power bar or a small rag. It’s water resistant under light drizzle, but will definitely get wet inside after a while (just tested this under the garden sprayer.) One thing I noticed is that since the back is slanted, the rear reflector will be angled down slightly. Not much of an issue on a larger (taller) bike. But on my small(ish) bike, if say, a SUV or truck is behind me, an unlit reflector may not reflect as much back. On the bright side, the piping around the bag is reflective, so that helps. The velcro straps holding the bag are sturdy, even though I ran over many bumps, it did not come loose nor did the bag swing side to side. It just looks so big on my bike.

Michael F.
Compact and Sturdy

This is a great saddle bag. It fits perfectly under my seat and behind the back rack. Holds all the gear I need for road repair plus extra room if I wanted to pack in a card or some cash. You could probably fit a wallet and keys if you wanted.
Aesthetically it matches my bike's panniers which is a nice bonus. The saddle bag straps on under my saddle with thick rubber straps and velcro. Taking it out on my usual commute was very snug. Reflective accents as well for visibility.
Over all I'm very pleased with this. I would recommend it.

Damiel S.
Very happy with the bag so far

I've only had this underseat bag a couple of weeks, but so far, so good. It's certainly one of the more attractive bags of its type, with the silver gray color standing out from the crowd. It has several net holders inside the bag, convenient for securing items like a phone or an iPod. All the zippers seem sturdy. The mounting system is working well so far, but it is velcro based so I hope it doesn't start to lose the stickiness over time. But, I don't mess with the velcro much at all, so maybe that won't be a concern.

Lester H.
Great seat pack

Has lots of space that can actually be used due to design forgoing the ridiculous "aero" form and opting for a more rectangular shape (like most of the stuff that goes in it.) Fits very well under the seat of my bike. The only hit is that the bag is hanging entirely on the stitches that hold the straps to the top of the pack. If these give way, bye-bye pack. It would be better to have hook-and-loop straps that wrap all the way around so that the stitches are not the single-point-of failure. I will probably wrap separate straps around it just to not have any worries (belt and suspenders.)

Adrian D.
Compact and well built

Fits great under my bike. It's actually roomier than I expected.The material feels very durable and there were no loose threads or damaged edges in the stitching when I received it. It hitches onto the seat easily and stays in place throughout the day. I'm much more comfortable with bringing my keys or smaller items like loose change or jewelry on rides.

Anthony P.
Super happy with this, especially after a total failure of a Topeak after only 50 miles

Very happy with this bag, looks good, works good. Seems to be a typical size. Does not expand like some other but that is the only negative. Bought this after a Topeak wedge failed after less than 50 miles (failed in 3 different ways - zipper kept coming open, buckles slipped and the straps came loose all the time, which led to the top of bag/strap stitching ripping. This bag is so much better!

Gregory D.
perfect saddlebag for my bike

This saddlebag is the perfect size for what I want to bring on my cycle rides. I mean I am not packing for a trip, just a ride. just the essentials! I love how my rear flashing strobe light fits perfectly in slots provided on the bag. The velcro straps are perfect for adjusting and tightening to the bike post and the seat. it looks very water-tight to withstand rain. I am VERY HAPPY with this bag!

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