Babarox Baby Bath Bubble Maker Machine with Music

Design: Crab


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Ivy G.
Great bubble machine!

My kids are 3 and 5 and love using this bubble machine! I like it that music can be turned off, songs are cute but sometimes it can be too much with all the noises kids make so it’s really nice to have that option. We use shampoo and then baby bubble bath solutions to fill it and bubbles start coming down in a long strip, filling bathtub and kids like to grab them and blow on them and spread them all over the bath tub. It’s cute. Suction cups work fine on our glossy tiles.
TIP (!!!): Different shampoos or bubble bath solutions comes at different viscosity levels. If you notice that bubbles coming down very slow it means your solution is too thick - try to add couple of splashed of water to solution tank and mix with finger. You will see the difference.

April W.
Great Bubble Maker! Love It!

Bubble machine works great. Kids love it. It was super easy to figure out, sticks really well to the tub, and produces lots of bubbles. I like how the bubbles stream down verses blowing out. The kids like the music, but I love that I can turn it off after a few minutes, a bonus for a moms sanity! I would definitely recommend this toy to others.

Apple L.
Make tons of bubbles in the bath, kiddo loves it!!

I tried this toy today, for the first time. I put it together, stuck it on the tub's wall, and let it do what it's supposed to do.

It was awesome! My kiddo just loved the bubbles, and wouldn't stop playing with the soft bubbles it made!

Sheena R.
Great Purchase

This thing is awesome! It suctions to the side of the tub and is very strong. My 10 month old son tried to pull it off of the tub with all of his might and it didn’t budge an inch. He loves the bubbles and dances to the music. Overall I loved this purchase and would totally buy it again. My only complaint is that it feels a little flimsy and the piece that actually makes the bubbles keeps popping off and I have to pop it back in.

Therese W.
Super fun!

This adorable octopus creates many, many bubbles. It also plays nursery rhymes that can be turned off. I find it easy to operate. Directions are in clear English, easy to follow. I can't speak for longevity; it just came in today. I used 2 squirts from her hair and body wash and filled the rest with water. This made a great amount of bubbles and I don't have to worry about sensitivity and rashing. Bath time was super fun for my lo (2yrs old) tonight. If it keeps working I'm going to get 3 more as gifts for my grandchildren for Christmas or birthdays.

Nadine C.
Fun toy!

I received it today and immediately tried it. I like the idea of it for making bath time fun. However, the suctions are not great (as we don’t have tiles in the tub) it did not stick up nicely to the tub walls, kept falling. The bubbles come out in a trail which is okay, not a problem. The music is sweet and the machine itself is not so noisy. My daughter is still confused about what it is 😂 But I think she will like it soon. Overall good quality.

Angel J.

Finally got my frog bath toy.... this thing is fantastic. Simple to assemble. Volume is not annoying and loud. Frog oozes bubbles out of its mouth. Super easy to clean. Easy to turn on and off. I cannot tell you how much my 2 year old daughter LOVES this item. Even walking to the bathroom she gets excited and wants to take a bath! Love this.

Alyanna S.
Sooooooo many bubbles

This machine can put out a lot of bubbles. My kid loves it. The music is a bit loud but you can turn off the music and still have bubbles. Just to clarify, this isn’t a bubble blower. The bubbles trickle down the frog’s mouth. Tons of bubbles.

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