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Dominique T.
Highly recommend!

I bought a couple of these mats now as I like them much better than the ones that came in our diaper bags. Easy to wipe clean, good thickness, Its got some nice padding and easy clean surface. The diaper changing pad is waterproof with good seams. Easy to fold back up and stuff in the organizing tote I have. Highly recommend!

Roma S.

Nice diaper pad! We use it on the baby bed and to protect sheets from diaper leaks. It's soft and doesn't have plasticky feel to it and The pattern is too cute too. As for how to clean them, I threw them in the washer just like the rest of the baby's laundry, and they've also held up very well. Overall, a very good investment.

Jamaica G.
Not happy with delivery

Had it for several weeks and it was a great purchase. The delivery took 2 weeks and not happy with that.

Cristine N.
Excellent Quality

This pad is quite large and excellent quality. I can place my baby’s bare skin on it and although it’s waterproof it’s also super soft. Love it!

Joanna M.
nice changing pad!

I like that it can be washed but it would be good if it was made out of a material that was easier to wipe clean with a wipe so it wouldn't have to be washed as much. Love the design!

Charmaine M.
Good size

This change pad had a weird smell to it out of the package so I washed it right away in my washing machine on cold. I hung it to dry. It smells perfectly fine now however the fabric part seems to have shrunk. It’s not terrible though. It is pretty bulky as well and I figured it would be since it’s larger than a standard changing pad. I wanted a larger one because my 12m old is starting to be a little crazy when I change him now lol. Perfect for laying on the couch cushion or floor when I’m visiting friends or family. I also love the design, it’s super cute and unique!

Jarred G.
Thumbs up from the wife :)

Overall it is a great product. It can be easily cleaned by washing in a machine. It also does well in a dryer at low heat.

Ken R.
great product!

love this mat and it's easy to clean and comfortable for the babies. super easy for a quick change and a quick fold.

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Goroly Portable Diaper Changing Mat | Foldable, Washable, Waterproof Travel Mattress