LilCuddles Baby Fruit Feeder Pacifier | Infant Fruit Teething Toy with Silicone Pouch, 4-6 months

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Kelsey B.
I highly recommend it!!!

I bought this for my 6 month old nephew that I babysit. He loves it! I put his regular baby food into it the first time so he would have something familiar that would be very easy for him to get out through the holes. Then I put some frozen pineapple in it and he went to town!! The frozen fruit is excellent for his sore gums from teething. I've since put in a variety of fresh and frozen fruit, baked sweet potatoes, and other vegetables. It's great to get him introduced to a variety of healthy foods so early. I highly recommend it!

Hannah S.
Love this product

I love this product. We had the mesh one that is similar to this with our first and ended up not using it because it was so difficult to clean. Not with this one! I love the nipple because it holds the shape of the feeder upright even as the frozen food inside melts. It's easy to throw in the dishwasher and my 7 month old seems to love it. If you are on the fence about whether to get this, do it. I am a huge fan and will be recommending this to everyone I know with a baby.

Cassy G.
Baby loves feeding herself and this makes it so easy for her to do that!

Our 6 month old loves eating her avocado and egg with this feeder. She's not a fan of us feeding her so it was taking forever when we put the food on the spoon and let her spoon feed herself. The food ended up more on her than in her mouth and the spoon became a chew toy. Enter in this feeder pacifier. Now she can eat her food on her own, at her leisure, no one is forcing food into her mouth when she doesn't want it, and chewing on it is still feeding her. And there is no choking or gagging with this because she's in control and can stop it at will. It's still pretty messy because she doesn't always hold it by the handle, but hey, it's a baby eating on her own. What do you expect? When it's almost empty it is hard for her to get at the food that is near the top and I have to squeeze it down for her. But I don't think there's any feeder out there that you can prevent that from happening. Great product and will probably buy more soon.

Glaiza H.
Much nicer than the classic mesh feeders!

My daughter is almost 5 months old and loves this! I take a baggie of frozen breast milk, crunch it up into chunks and stuff it in there. She loves it! It feels good on her gums and it’s tasty! Super easy to clean, much better than those mesh ones from munchkin. I can’t wait to start putting food in it for her! I bet she’ll love it just as much!

Kylie M.
Baby girl loves these feeders

I love these! More importantly, my daughter loves them! She is six months old and maybe teething. These fruit feeders are amazing! I make my daughter baby food and made strawberry banana and put it inside and let it freeze and she is going to town on it. Lol. It’s an excellent feeder to give babies there fruits and veggies and also helps there mouth too if they're teething. It’s the perfect portion size. My baby doesn’t have an issue holding it from the handle and putting it in her mouth. This is awesome also for hand and eye coordination that helps babies use it as well. This is a lifesaver this summer and moments to come when she is teething.

Jessica A.

Love them. I started freezing breast milk in these. By filling them with the lid attached. I just run a little warm water on them to melt off the excess, and then the nipple is filled with frozen milk and isn’t too big for my little guy!

Ada B.
Clean well, baby can easily hold it!!

I recommend these, they are easy to clean and don’t leave any debris or bacteria behind since they’re silicone! These can be held by baby or toddler hands. They can sometimes snap apart and can usually be put back together easily, but I wish they were a little sturdier on the hinge to prevent this. We have put purées and then frozen, or even fresh or frozen fruit in them. The food is sucked out easily and doesn’t clog. They work really well and give great relief from teething!

Melody P.
Safe Way to Let Baby Try Foods and Helpful for Teething

These items are exactly as pictured. Based on some of the previous comments I was a bit concerned about how much food you could fit into the pacifier and if it would be enough, but the juices squeezed through the perfect amount for my five-month-old and I was able to fit more frozen fruit into the container than I anticipated. The first food that I tried was frozen cranberries. I decided to go with this item because of the reviews and recommendations. Overall it is a great option for allowing your baby to try new foods and not having to be worried about chocking and for babies who are teething.

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LilCuddles Baby Fruit Feeder Pacifier | Infant Fruit Teething Toy with Silicone Pouch, 4-6 months