Fondle Baby Silicone Shower Cap | Adjustable Bathing Hat for Infants, Toddler and Kids

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Taty D.
Works Great

I like the silicone material of the shower cap. It's very soft on my kids heads. The shower cap is adjustable, which is an added bonus for multiple kids ages 7 months to 5 years old. The shower cab helped keep water out of my kids eyes and ears. The shower cab is easy to clean and hangs easily for drying.
My only dislike is trying to figure out the adjustable strap. I couldn't figure out how the strap went once adjusted. I figured it out finally. Before you use try adjusting first.

Christie W.
WORTH THE MONEY! Resolved all our bathing fears!

If you have a toddler that’s TERRIFIED of having his head rinsed during bath time (or a little one that likes to take showers with you but hates the water getting in his face) this is a GREAT buy. I searched through many rinsing cups and visors and I’m SO glad I went with this one. No leakage in/around the inner seal where it meets the head and it stays in place. Totally solved all our bathing fears!

Crystal B.
Perfect product to prevent water running into eyes!!

The best thing I could have bought!! I always have a hard time washing my baby's hair because she doesn't like the water running in her eyes. This product made wash day so simple. She also loves wearing it as a "hat". My baby is 2.

Cyndi P.
A little skeptical

I was a little skeptical buying this product. My son hates when we wash his hair. So, I was desperate to find something to help us with bath night. when I receive the product I wasn’t sure how to use it. You should make sure that you place it right on the hairline. Make sure to place it behind your child’s ears and adjust the strap for a good snug fit. When you get the perfect fit on the 23 adjustable fasteners on the cap, try to remember the number position.

Judy R.
Great for son with sensory issues

This shower cap is a lifesaver for my nephew, who has sensory issues. He hates getting water in his eyes, and sometimes will refuse to wash his hair. This thing is a lifesaver in this situation because all I have to do it put it on his head, wash his hair and rinse it as normal, and his face stays completely dry. It makes bathing much more fun for him as well, since he can pour water on his head and even wash his own hair without my help. The shower cap is made of high quality silicone, and it has an adjustable strap. You can fit it the way that is best on your child, and it will not slip off his/her head. It is also very easy to clean since it is made of silicone. It is also soft and flexible and very comfortable for my nephew to wear.

Brianna K.
A godsend at a bargain!

This may be the best $9 I’ve ever spent. Bath time has been a nightmare for our two year old. Try as I might, I can’t get her to look up to rinse her hair, and she becomes hysterical when the water washes over her face and gets into her ears. We have seriously only been washing her hair maybe once a month because it’s been so traumatizing for her.

We used this thing for the first time tonight and it is a godsend! It was a little tricky to put on, but a little Nickelodeon kept her preoccupied while I finagled with the awkward strap. Once I had it secured, I let down her ponytail and plopped her in the bath.

Oh my gosh, my toddler has the cleanest hair she has had in months and her face and ears stayed COMPLETELY dry. I could not be happier. If we experience any trouble in the future, I’ll update, but for now, I am incredibly satisfied with this purchase.

Chalee M.

My 3 year old would scream bloody murder whenever we tried to wash her hair. You would think the water was acid. When we bought this it completely changed our bath time experience. She laughs and giggles as the bubbles run off the visor onto the shower floor. She ASKS to wash her hair. No more terrified baths. This thing is great. Only suggestion is if you have a child with longer hair, put it in a pony while you put the visor on, then take the pony out. It’s hard to adjust with all the hair in the way.

Beatriche C.
No more hair washing struggles

My 2 yr old grandson used to panic when water would roll into his face or ears when washing his hair. Now we call this having "waterfalls" coming down. Water doesn't get in face or ears using this. He's very happy to have his hair washed now.

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Fondle Baby Silicone Shower Cap | Adjustable Bathing Hat for Infants, Toddler and Kids