Fondle Baby Silicone Shower Cap w/ Ear Protection | Adjustable Bathing Hat for Infants & Toddler

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Yasin C.
Great innovation that really works!

Great for sensory kids or toddlers my son is 4.5 & it fits the tightest snap okay. But amazing for kids who are terrified of having their hair washed. Due to this & him being able to relax without water running in his face fighting me to rinse his hair, we have successfully eliminated the meltdowns with is still wonderful. It 100% prevents water from getting in the face. Even with it being a little loose, water still does not leak through. We love this and would purchase it again!!!

Jessica A.
This makes hair washing FUN

I purchased one bath visor for my baby since he loves bath time but cries everytime I wash his hair. I have twins so I decided to buy 1 to check it out to see if it works. And indeed it did. I was a bit skeptical since I brought one before; it was upset cause it did not work well, but this one did the job right. I followed the instructions on amazon, I let my 1 year old try it out a couple of times then tried in the bath. No water in eyes, now I feel better when bathing them, will be ordering another one for the twin. Recommend it.

Ayana E.
Hygiene is a non-negotiable!

My child hated having their hair washed. They will jump into a pool, but showering and washing their hair- NO. So instead of shower time being full of dread for both of us, I bought this. My child is SO MUCH happier. I sold it to them a bit, now they insist on wearing it the whole time. Fine by me. I love this product.

Katherine S.J.
Keeps the water out of their eyes and ears

Bath time was such a chore when your child doesn't like water in her eyes and ears. This solves the problem easily enough. The brim is soft silicone and the band is adjustable and long enough to fit even an adult's head comfortably.

Janette A.G.
Protects the little ones from ear aches

I like the material that this is made out of. It's a rubber kind of material and wraps around your little one's heads. My kids don't seem uncomfortable wearing it and think it's fun to wear in the bathtub. It protects them from getting an earache and it's so easy to adjust and to put on and take off. This had been a real life-changer for me. Little ones are prone to earaches from getting water in their ears, no more!

Emily T.C.
No more bath time battles

I never thought I'd buy this, but I did and it's amazing. It look ridiculous, but it works. My 4 year old son hated washing his hair. I talked about why and he said he hated water in his eyes and ears. We tried goggles but it wasn't enough and the hair washing battles continued. Did a search and found this. He loves it. He doesn't fight about washing his hair and even washed his own hair. Whatver works!

Roy H.
Bath Time is So Much Easier

My 2 yo son was screaming bloody murder every time I tried to wash his hair before I got this because he didn't like the water getting on his face but he refused to tip his head back. This product has been a life saver! Now he likes to see the water run off the front and sides of the cap and hair washing only takes a few happy minutes instead of a tear-filled battle.

Love G.
hilarious but useful invention

This is the main reason my son enjoys bath time again. He use to love playing during bath time, but around 1-1 1/2 years old he began fighting being washed and having his hair washed. It was becoming a nightmare every time and all because he HATED getting his face wet. He didn't even like it when he accidentally splashed his own face. This was the only thing that to this day at almost 4 still works. It makes bath time all fun and no stress because he knows as long as he has this hat on, his face is safe.

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