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Katie S.
So far so good but.

This holder keeps my phone secure and easily visible on my handlebars. No concerns that my phone is going anywhere, even on bumpy terrain. I like that it swivels vertically and horizontally. However, it is supposed to detach for easy phone access, but I have yet to figure out how to do so. There are no instructions and pulling it doesn't work, I feel if a tugged harder it may break something. Wish that aspect was more functional. That's the only reason for a 4 star rating.

Louie P.
so it’s soft and easy to put my phone in and mount at the ...

This bike phone holder is made of soft Silicone, so it’s soft and easy to put my phone in and mount at the bike, and can easily take pictures while riding the bike. Look below photo took while riding. Highly recommended.

Ludwig H.
Great Mount, Awesome price. excellent value

Installed on my road bike and feels VERY sturdy. It will jiggle when you hit bumps, but this will happen with any bike mount since your whole bike shakes. The silicone is strong and no way will it drop your phone. I have a galaxy S8+ and it fits fine with a case. The rotation has good resistance and doesn't feel like it will wear out. Would recommend to others

Jayson J.
Holds your phone securely

I use this mount on my bicycle to hold my phone. It's super easy to move from one bike to another. Holds the phone super secure, which is a challenge considering the conditions of the roads I ride on. It's also very minimalist. There's nothing on this holder besides the strap for the handlebar, some support for the part where you put the phone and then the straps that hold the phone in place. It keeps all of the controls on the front of the Pixel 3 clear for access. On an I-phone there would be no problem hitting the front button. Camera in the back also stays clear. You can swing it around to snap a picture easily. The only gripe is that you cannot replace your phone while riding. It requires two hands or some really amazing feats of dexterity. So taking the phone out to snap a photo mid ride is an option but the phone needs to go back in a pocket until you stop. It's still pretty awesome, durable, easy to use and lightweight so I'm giving 5 stars and recommending it.

Harvey L.
You can't get a better mount than this

Silicon is amazing, goes around the neck of bikes as well as bars, even graduated handlebars and has great grip.I'm not used to the lack of material involved in this but it's strong, stretches well. I have a GS8 plus. It mounts off center but that's part of the design. I am really happy about this buy. It's the perfect mount. I've been through 6 different bike mounts that either scratch the paint or don't grip around the bar or I have to twist it so hard it's impossible to take off. You can't beat silicon though, comes off in two seconds instead of those stupid twist screws. This thing is amazing

Rudy F.
I have recommended these two two of my friends and they like

This case does everything you want right. It can absorb the bumps and displace the movement throughout the rubber bands and stay fastened to the bike. I have recommended these two two of my friends and they like the mount as well. It swivels only when you want it to. The bike bumps don't cause it to move on its own. It holds my Iphone 8 plus with the case on perfectly.

Michael S.
Simple, light, and secure phone holder.

Easiest phone mount to use with my Samsung S7. I attach it to the stem extension and don't have trouble with it rotating down on the bumps like I've had with the other phone holders. Where I live the paved roads are pretty bumpy so it doesn't matter whether I'm riding in the dirt or on the paved roads. Most phone holders will rotate around the handlebars on the bumps and I have to constantly rotate them back up. This is simple, light and seems very secure. It also moves quickly between my three bikes.

Andie J.
Overall great. I just hope it lasts.

Bought this to put on my golf push cart so I can leave my golf app on that gives me distance . Stays on very sturdy. I’ve used it both vertical and horizontal, but work great. It detaches and attaches very easily and is an awesome feature. I am SLIGHTLY concerned the straps will one day snap from pulling them over the phone. It is a very extended stretch to wrap around my iPhone XR.

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