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Joyce C.
It works!

I bought this one because (1) it was unisex (2) it had a variety of music genres and (3) the little animal things were cute. It's pretty easy to assemble and attach to the crib. When my baby came home, she barely gave it a glance. However, a few weeks ago, it was like a whole new thing to her... as if we just attached it instead of it being a permanent fixture on her crib for weeks...

To be fair, she was born premature and it's likely she couldn't see that far. I'm not sure about the music part though because I know her hearing was good but she still didn't give it any attention.

Now that she realizes it is there, it's the most awesome thing to her. It runs for roughly 40 minutes or so and if I need to do something, I put her in her crib and turn it on. The only time it doesn't work to entertain her is if it turns off or she's too hungry to care. Oh, and you can do one cycle at a time; she gets bored and restless easily.

Matilda G.
Absolutely Perfect, Gorgeous, and So Easy to Put Together!

This is the best crib mobile I've ever seen or bought. It is not only very pretty and perfect for a boy or a girl, it is soft colors but yet very colorful and the animals on it are very well done - in fact, the entire mobile is very well done and it was unbelievably easy to put together and it didn't take hardly any time to do that . . . and the price was actually reasonable for the quality of the mobile. I am totally happy with everything about this purchase. It even has little stick-on cushions you can put on the inside of where you screw it onto the crib, so it doesn't leave marks on your baby's crib! They thought of everything!

Hannah S.
Endless entertainment for my son

This was such a great purchase for my son. He really enjoys laying in his crib, babbling to his little friends and kicking at the buttons. I bought this when he was just a month old and he still enjoys it at 3 months old. I haven't had to change the batteries yet and he uses it multiple times a day every day. As for the clicking noise others have mentioned, it's really not that loud and my son doesn't even notice it. I highly recommend this and am excited that he'll continue to use his even when he gets to be mobile.

Karyll C.
Baby happy, happy mom!

Five stars!!!!
Happy baby sleepy time!
Sweet songs with music and nature sounds. Good tunes, auld lang syne, rock-a-bye baby, send in the clowns, greensleeves, mexican hat dance, nutcracker suite, and many others.
Wonderful is remote! I can save batteries turn off rotation or light but still have baby soft music. Variable volume.
Teenager annoyed, baby sleeping with gentle lullaby or splashing brook and bird chirps.

It is really wonderful for my fussy baby who wakes often. He's less fussy and so am I!

Some things are tricky, like it is possible to mount the clamp the wrong direction making the animals run into the knob, or if you don't get it out of the box it looks like a few parts. But this was VERY simple to put together, and it works great. The music isn't mind blowing, but it is great for my 8 month old.

Kelsey B.
Our "Little Man" Loved Mobile unit.

Everything arrived and was exactly as it was stated in advertisement. Easy to put together and fun to watch our little man play with it.

Susan T.
Sanity saver

It works great. Wish I had known that the projector goes on and off before I bought it, but it does keep my 3 month old attention very well and helps him calm down to sleep. The batteries however don't last long. With each replacement I get about 2 weeks out of them. Then again, if you have everything running at the same time it's expected to run down the batteries quickly.

Caroline D.
You can move the “hanging arm” to hang over the crib but also away from it.

My 5-mos old son loves this mobile!
It can keep him entertained for up to 15 min.
The daytime/nighttime music choices, light option (which makes for a fun shadow he loves), and removable toys that are also teethers/noisemakers are big bonuses that make this item amazing.

Cassy G.
Great quality mobile and good price.

This is the second Tiny Love Mobile that I have purchased. The first is 3 years ago for my first brand baby and it has been worth its weight in gold! The music box is awesome with several features that make it unique. It is attached to her crib and now my second 4 month old grand daughter is totally occupied by watching the mobile and falls asleep to the music.
I was so delighted that the music in this new one is the same as the first one I bought 3 years ago because this is being used at my house. The baby recognizes the music.
I highly recommend this to anyone who has small children.

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