Ballecer Led Mini Projector M4 Plus 720PSupport Full HD Video Beamer for Home Cinema



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Julius W.
small size with clear picture

I was looking for a projector for occasional use around or within house. This projector matched my expectation. It has good aspect ratio and quality of picture is clear. Different input ports allow most of the common ways to connect to the projector. I was using Google Chromecast to connect my phone. It has USB and VGA port to connect Chromecast or any other type dongle. Only thing is missing is the projector screen and stand to adjust the projector at different angles. I am planning to make my own stand since I use my white ceilings as screen. Screen size is perfect and gives almost like a theater feel. It also has audio out aux port so connecting speakers is easy. I would recommend to buy this product.

Brian T.
Light and quality travel projector

Bought for my daughter who is going to college in Greece and who travels often. She wanted something she could project movies on the wall but was small enough to carry. This projector worked great, in a dim or dark room its excellent. She also did not want to spend hours setting up. This projector is pretty much plug and play, just adjust the focus and pick your spot and that really all you that needs to be done to start enjoying!. The picture is very sharp and clear. We have also tried it with Xbox One and works perfectly. I want one now!

Ryan A.

I bought this projector to use during small friend get together. Best thing about this projector is the picture quality. I Projected it up to approx. 80 inches and it did fine, and brightness was good enough to enjoy the movie. I like the keystone feature of this projector. This makes a big difference with my other projector that I have. With this feature I can keep the projector on somewhere lower to ground and correct the video to perfect rectangle.

Jacky M.
A surprisingly great projector for the price.

I was very surprised by how good this little projector is. It’s image is bright and clear. I had an issue where part of the image would be clear at the bottom and fuzzy at the top. I fixed the problem by turning another wheel that changed the angle of the image, which I guess is useful for projecting on a slanted surface.

Kevin R.
Great little projector.

I purchased this projector to setup a home theater at home...after a long research I decided to buy this one but I am very much satisfied with this item comes with a HDMI cable remote control and also mainly portable

jacob t.
You will love the value and the ease of use, makes you feel like a pro

I got the idea for this from someone else that was using a projector. I felt I wanted one to use mainly for business presentations where I don't want to use a computer screen. This was the right choice. It comes in a really nice case so that I can take it with me. This is super important as I go to client's locations and have to present

Gian C.S.
My nerd self is pleased

I was scrolling through reddit one day and saw a group of people using a projector as a battle field for the minis. Not being great at art design like that and not having much space for many battle maps I wanted to mici their idea! And this projector was prefect for it

The picture quality is sharp which helps a lot with grid mapping and gives me more ability to add. More detailed fields for battle and help envelop the players!

Its super light weight making it easy to hang on a ceiling with out issue which I did simply with a thick wire an eye hook and a molly bolt.

The sound quality is superb allow me to play the music through that instead of my laptop. It comes out clear and loud!

Jerico M.
Great for viewing parties

I got this projector for watching movies with friends. A lot of my friends only have pc setups and no TV's so I looked for a solution that would allow us to watch movies at each other's houses comfortably and bring movies outside once the weather gets nicer.

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Ballecer Led Mini Projector M4 Plus 720PSupport Full HD Video Beamer for Home Cinema