Zooken Stroller Hanger Hook for Diaper & Bag | Large Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Strap

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Roselyn R.
They hold my stuffed and heavy bag- no problem

Bought these to use with my jujube bff and they work great! My bag is probably at least 10lbs any given day and these hold it onto the shopping cart no problem. I would definitely recommend!

Jeanne K.
These Hooks are EXACTLY what I needed

I searched high and low trying to find a hook with a Velcro strap that I could use to hang over my interior tent poles. The adjustable Velcro strap is long enough to loop over the pole and the hook is sturdy enough to hold the mesh bags (also purchased from Oaola) that we need to store our incidentals overnight while camping. You can place these anywhere and they are very well made and good quality, but they are easy to remove when breaking down camp.

Robert B.
Good for walkers and rollators

I got these clips for my father's walker. They are easy to put on. I use 2 clips to hold the walker together when it is folded up- one on each side. They clip to each other in the middle. No one can tell that they are meant for strollers. I used 2 clips to attach a nylon bag on the front of the walker. The clips are light weight and sturdy. I wish I could get a cane holder with the velcro like this.

Patricia B.
Good price, made very well

I was looking for some type of strap for my shopping cart that I could keep my cart closed with when I carried it on the bus. The added bonus was the hook ( it clips shut too ) that is on this strong velcro closing strap. It works great and the hook that is on it comes in handy if I need to attach some extra bags to my cart.

Ivory C.
Highly recommend

Excellent to hang on stroller for diaper bags. I have a ju ju bee diaper bag and the stroller clips for this bag ate 24$. So I decided to go with these. The Velcro is very strong.y diaper bag is heavy because I carry bottles of water for my son's formula.

Ivy G.
Good quality

These work great on my travel stroller. I used it as a diaper bag holder and also with a strap to carry the stroller by

Kurt A.
Tough And Worth It

These are awesome. Easy to install, so much so that calling it installing seems silly. You open the velcro and wrap it around the tubing . Like so many other baby care products I buy , I bought this for my wheelchair. I use it to attach a short elastic leash to the front of my chair for my service dog. It enables her to help me propel my chair. I tell you this because it shows you how strong these little clips are. The strap goes around my chairs frame, her bungee leash attaches to that then to her harness. She uses that to pull my chair taking some of the work off of me. In order for it to be safe it has to be strong enough to hold up to 300 lbs of weight on an incline. So your purse, groceries, diaper bag, what have you are safe. Thest little hooks are powerful.

Lesley L.
These clips work great! I bought them as a back up for ...

These clips work great! I bought them as a back up for my jujube diaper bag. I really like that they are small enough to store inside the diaper bag for trips to the grocery store (when I don't need/have my stroller).

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Zooken Stroller Hanger Hook for Diaper & Bag | Large Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Strap