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Katrina R.
Incredible Skin Clearing Scrub, Amazing on Acne and Deadskin

Awesome product that helps with the removal of dead skin and blackheads. WARNING it does get messy so I suggest you only apply to body in the shower. If you are using solely on the face, be considerate of what's around you. If you have used charcoal "toothpaste" or powder for brushing your teeth before, you should know how messy that gets.

Oh, and it has a lovely scent!

Melissa R.
The BEST face and body scrub i have ever found!!

I absolutely LOVE this scrub. I have the driest and terribly sensitive skin, all over my face and body. I use this all over in the shower and my skin feels so good after I get out and apply lotion, which absorbs so much better after I use the scrub. I can also tell a big difference in how my skin feels without putting on my lotion.
My skin looks great and definitely helps with deep cleansing and exfoliating.
I just wish it wasn't quite as expensive as it is, because I can go through a tub in about 3 weeks. That's really the only CON I can think of compared to all the PRO'S.

Gabby B.
This scrub makes a difference!

I like the natural ingredients and typically purchase various “black” cosmetic products as I feel they do a good job.
This scrub is raw, I might say, and is definitely doing a good job! Scrub til the beads are gone, which may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but the results are worth it! I got compliments the first day I used it, the fire has been ever since! Haha :)

Leah S.

This stuff is incredible! I have oily-combination skin and I have a ton of blackheads as a result. I’ve tried dozens of products to clear them up but nothing gave me results like this scrub. I wish I had taken a before and after of my pores. This stuff has uncovered blackheads that I’ve had for years and it clears away all the dead skin! I love, love, LOVE this scrub. Life long customer.

Arrah G.
Clear Skin in Around 2 weeks

In the past, I would have not believed if anyone would have claimed products as this Charcoal Scrub would help clean out your pores on your face and body but since giving this a try I can say this is absolutely true. I have been using this for around two weeks and I have to say the results are amazing. My sister who is a die-hard for maintaining a beautiful look body and skin is jealous of how clear and amazing my face, specifically my nose looks. Around my nose has a ton of black-heads that just refused to clear out but after a couple of days with this charcoal scrub, my nose area looks clear and magnificent.

Aurora S.
Great for my skin

I love how it made my skin soft after! The only issue I have was washing it off after. I didn't realize that it was going to take that much effort to wash it off. I washed it off with my regular face wash as I was showering and I thought I rubbed it enough that it came off. When I stepped out of the shower, it was black on the outer part of my face and my neck. I had to wash my face again and use my face scrubber to get it off. I would not recommend doing this if you are press for time to leave the house. This scrub is good when you have time to just relax at home and not in a rush. I do recommend purchasing this product to keep your face nice and clean and soft. I will definitely be doing this more often than not.

Chenny P.
Overall, a great scrub.

I felt that there were pros and cons to this scrub. I will mention the cons first, as they were the things that I did notice immediately. First, it is a little messy to use. Unlike other scrubs, the contents are loose, so it is best to apply in the tub or shower where you can wash away anything that falls. Second, be prepared to have to wash your face with some kind of soap afterward, as the charcoal does not wash away on its own.

The pro is definitely worth it, though, as I did notice immediately that my face felt much softer and smoother after using it, and it was not harsh at all!

Avery C.
Best Charcoal Scrub you can buy :)

Hands down the best Charcoal Scrub I have ever used! This product is incredible and leaves your skin feeling smooth and fresh. I look like I just came out of the spa with my glowing brand new skin. I use the Charcoal Scrub not only on my face but on my stomach and thighs to help with stretch marks and cellulite.

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