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Quynh N.
starsnatural option for whiter teeth!

Only been using this for just under a week and I can honestly say I've noticed a difference, stains have started to disappear & my teeth appear whiter. I smoke and drink lots of caffeine so staining has always been an issue for me. My partner is so impressed with my results that he has now started to use it aswel. I'm excited to see the difference after a month if using it. Don't expect a 'Hollywood' smile but I would definitely recommend that you try this product!!

Darreee H.
It Works! Satisfied!

After one use, the product leaves your teeth feeling mush cleaner and fresher. Delivery of the product of fast, and it was very well packaged. Very satisfied with the brand and service too. Will definitely​ be purchasing from them again! Initially, the powder does feel gritty, but with a little more water the texture smoothes. Upon rating the experience, I would say its very 'natural' as described​ as the ingredients are straightforward and chemical free.

Judy R.
Amazing deep clean feel

After reading various strong reviews about this product, I immediately had to purchase it! The product arrived very quick and was packaged neatly. The charcoal substance at first is a bit weird however when applied directly to the teeth, you can instantly notice the results when brushing. It's a pleasurable experience seeing the texture exfoliate and nourish your teeth after using the substance. Teeth look instantly whiter and deep cleaned i.e. no plaque. Will definitely purchase again! 5*

Brianna K.
4 Months use and teeth have never been whiter

I began seeing positive effect of this product within the first week, with my teeth looking fairly whiter than before hand. I've continued use of this product for 4 months now and believe my teeth are a lot whiter than when I started.

To use I simply dip my toothbrush into the tub after I finish my normal brushing and then continue to brush for another minute. I used to apply the powder once per day during the first month, but have now reduced this to once per day.

Scott R.
Immediate difference, pain free and easy!

It's been exactly a week since I started using mine and honestly, It is so good. I've tried alot since my teeth always return back to a yellow-ish shade. This was completely painless and so easy to use. I really love it. There is no real taste or texture. I only use a little bit at a time so my change isn't as drastic as the other ones here. I tried to take a photo of it but it does capture how much of a difference there is in only one week. My teeth are evenly going whiter too and I really love this all. Already recommended this to so many people!

Deepak S.
Very happy

I love a teeth whitening product and have tried them all; strips, gel trays, laser treatments. The charcoal works as well as the big name whitening strips for me, where the objective is to maintain the whiteness of my teeth and keep them bright. The fact that it's all natural is a huge plus point. I also enjoy how much product you get for your money (it will last at least a year I expect, using 2-3 times a week) and how easy it is to use.

Shawn S.
" This does work....with a bit of effort"

I've seen many of the reviews on here, some saying that it works - others the opposite. In my experience this DOES work - but it requires a bit of time and effort, in other words you have to consistently use this morning and night, and brush for about two minutes (either before or after your normal toothpaste brushing) - I usually just brush my front teeth, don't see the point in working on whitening teeth at the back that won't be seen - AND you have to do this over several weeks to see results, but you will. I'm more than happy with this, the powder lasts for months, and I'll be buying more in the future.

Chalee M.
Very Detoxifying for mouth and teeth

I bought this nearly a month ago, I've been using it consistently and I call tell that my teeth are a shade whiter that before. On the very first day of using it, my teeth felt squeaky clean. It is really detoxifying for the mouth and teeth. It feels as if it stripped everything out of the mouth teeth and tongue (no slimy feeling afterwards). And also, it does not cause teeth sensitivity. My husband and I use it everyday morning and evening and sometimes I put a bit on my tottler's toothbrush and no issues. It has a pleasant mint taste ans smell. Will definitely recommend.

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