CraftGrade Professional Watercolor Paper | 100 Percent Cotton, 20 Sheets, 7" x 4.9"

Texture: Hot Press


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Caroline D.
Quality product, just what I needed

I use a lot of washes and water when I paint, so I needed a block--one with some paper that had a nice weight to it. I'm satisfied with this particular block as well as the 6 x 4 version (which I purchased in the past). I highly recommend using a knife to free the individual pages. I've ripped a page or two just thinking I could use my finger or ruler. I haven't experienced any buckling, bleed through, or faulty/weak bound edges after about 12 blocks from this brand.

Karyll C.
Love it!!

I love the absorbency, it's a very thick paper. Colors blend very well with the paper! My only complaint is that it's difficult to separate the sheet from the support.

Kelsey B.
This paper is thick and beautiful and I did not experience any problems with buckling

This paper is thick and beautiful and I did not experience any problems with buckling. I used watercolor pencils on this paper. I also appreciated the size, as I have been looking for a good paper in a smaller size variety.

Jeffrey B.

Fast shipping, the good paper doesn’t buckle too bad. Easy to work with, I will buy more

Hani V.
My go-to brand of Watercolor Paper right now...

What impresses me the most is how quickly the pigment is absorbed into the paper, which cuts down on drying time a lot. It works well for me but doesn't leave a lot of room for error, so keep that in mind when working with this paper. As for the glue on the sides, I score the glue first with a shallow blade before using a bone folder (or a letter opener... or a butter knife) to get the paper safely out.

Kenn D.
Not bad at all

Pretty decent paper. As another reviewer mentioned, it can be difficult to remove the paper from the block. The first one I ripped, after that I started using a razor blade. Colors really pop off the paper and are not dull.

Archie R.
Wonderful paper!

Wonderful paper! I am making watercolor cards and the paint really flows well. The block style helps for flat paper and no warping. Tip: Use a craft knife to separate the paper from the glued block. I tore a side of my card when I lifted without it. Happy Painting! Hope this was useful to someone!

Phineas b.
I absolutely love this paper

I absolutely love this paper. I wanted to try out some 300lb watercolor paper before making an expensive investment in a larger size and quantity. I'm extremely impressed with this block of paper. I really, really wet the paper so that every single inch was shiny and wet and still it did not buckle or pill even a little. Fantastic! The colors dry vividly on the paper. Withstood several layers of abuse with inking, spattering, and many many washes. My only complaint is that the paper is so thick and rigid it's a bit difficult removing it from the rest of the block. I ended up using a butter knife to slice through the sealed sides. This paper did precisely what I bought it for.

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CraftGrade Professional Watercolor Paper | 100 Percent Cotton, 20 Sheets, 7" x 4.9"