CraftGrade Professional Watercolor Paper | 100 Percent Cotton, 20 Sheets, 10.2" x 7"

Texture: Hot Press


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Lorraine G.
No bleeding, vibrant colors

Very nice and thick paper that holds the paint well without bleeding. Watercolors go on easy and are vibrant. Just don't over-wet the paper or it will start to pill, any paper will. Good value, the block is great.

Janice S.
Quality paper

This watercolor block is made of 100% cotton fibers. It is a heavy 140 lb quality paper in a cold press. The block means that it is gummed on all four sides. You need to use a palette knife to slice off the top sheet to get to the next one. One edge has a place that is not gummed which allows you to do this.

I don't particularly like watercolor blocks but this is a pretty good one. It also has a heavy cardboard base which gives it extra firmness while painting or drawing on it.

Jimmy W.
This is great! It’s the answer for what I was looking.

I love this paper. I can add lots of colors, salt, alcohol, and NO peeling. The cold press has always been my favorite type of watercolor paper. For now, this is going to be my go-to paper! It takes watercolor, ink, marker, pastels. I do not like mixed media paper now, because there are not enough teeth. Use this paper for everything.

Jessica A.
Excellent paper for water colors!!

The paper itself is amazing. The weight of it keeps it from warping and I use a LOT of water when painting. The only thing that makes me give this 4 instead of 5 stars is how difficult it can be to remove the page from the block of paper. I do recommend using a new razor blade to cut alone the glued edges. When cutting the paper along the edge, do it slowly so you don't cut the paper surface itself. I did get the hang of it so it really isn't too bad. Don't just tear the page out because you will ruin the paper. Otherwise, I love painting on this paper, it's amazing!!

Jeff H.

I'm fairly new to water coloring and have been experimenting with different kinds of paper. Some seem to absorb the paint quicker than I'd like, while others let it sit on the surface too long and I get mixing of colors that I did not want to happen. I'm sure some of this has to do with my (lack of) technique. However, this most excellent paper is the perfect middle ground between too wet and too dry. I can work with the paints just as I want to. Very pleased!

James E.
nice quality

Very nice weight of watercolor paper. I am a novice and found this pack easy to work with. Crisp edges. Nice quality. I tried cheaper paper and the end effect was not as good as with this.

Richard W.
Perfect for travel

I love this brand. It works really well with my style of painting, which requires a lot of layering and working the paints. And since it is a block, I don't have to worry about the paper getting too warped. I took it to the beach for some painting, and it was perfect!

Kylie M.
Love it!

When I first tried Arches, I tried the cold press first. But I found it left the finished painting looking chalky. It was also a lot rougher than I expected because it has a pocked marked texture. It was not working well with my micron pens for line and wash. So I took a chance on the hot press. It leaves my watercolors still looking vibrant and translucent. Smooth for my microns. And the paper can still take a lot of water and many layers of paint. It's perfect! Just what I needed!

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CraftGrade Professional Watercolor Paper | 100 Percent Cotton, 20 Sheets, 10.2" x 7"