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Steffany N.
Wow! Best Price and Best Product For Exfoliation!

Amazing! This stuff is legit. The first time I used it I was shocked at how much skin balled up. Afterward my skin was so soft and helped reduce several dry/congested areas. My makeup went on so much better and didn't have to use nearly as much. My skin tends to be on the sensitive side but no reactions or issues there.

But I wasn't 100% convinced it was actually my skin that was balling up but rather something with the formula that caused it to ball up so I did a test on one of my knees. For the past few months I've had dry patches on my knees that I cannot get to go away. I've tried everything - Earth Tu Face balm, Sisley Rose oil, Dr Brandt microderm exfoliation paste, and many many more. I used this BEAUTYFOAM on one knee and again tons of skin balled up. I rinsed my knee and the dry spot was totally gone. Fast forward 24 hours later and the dry patch is totally gone. I haven't put lotion on my legs or anything. My right leg still has the dry patch so I plan to treat that knee and my elbows today. I included a pic to show the difference.

For the price and results, you can't find anything better for exfoliation. I'm a skincare junkie and have tried so many products. There are few that I continue to use but this is one I won't be without. I just bought 2 more tubes. I plan to use on my face and body. I can't wait to try it on my feet!!

If you're on the fence go for it! It's inexpensive and if for some reason if you don't like using it on your face, you'll still get your money's worth using it on your feet, elbows, knees.

Jasmin C.
used other facial exfoliators in the past and am pleased with the result

I’ve used other facial exfoliators in the past and am pleased with the result but they are pricey. This time I thought I should give this product a try to remove my pimples and bumps, with half of price of Cure Natural Aqua exfoliator. It smells like a rose, which is a plus. My pimples do not go away after four washes but they are calmed down a bit and my skin looks smooth and healthy. In general, BEAUTYFOAM is as effective as others but at a bargain price!

Bonna S.
A miracle solution for me and hopefully the next to try it out.

I started off with idk wtf to be honest. the first photo is my damaged skin. it was dry, irritated acne ridden with dark spots. after time which is why I waited to text this out. it started to help, nothing I used did what this did. and everyone's skin is different so I can't say it'll help the next person but it's worth a shot. your looking for a reason, I went thru quite alot of name brand stuff that helped 99.5% of people but it did nothing but give me more acne and rashes. this stuff is leathery as hell lol I didn't know if I was using it right or not but I kept with it and I'm happy with the results. I also teamed this face wash up with a all natural face mask to help lighten dark spots I found on YouTube another shot in the dark try.

Amber M.
Drastic Change of Opinion

OK, so I wasn't expecting this cleanser to be an actual cleanser that goes on your face and actually peels while you're massaging it into your skin. To be completely honest, I didn't read in detail the product's description when I ordered this and I assumed it would be the kind of face mask you apply to your face, let dry then peel off. Nope! The cleanser itself actually peels while you're massaging it in.

When I 1st tried this I was freaked out and grossed out because it looked messy and it was just unexpected. As I was massaging it in I was thinking in my mind " This is the weirdest thing I've ever experienced. This is so strange... I'm giving this one star." I watched it off and it came off easily and didn't make a mess like I had worried about.

Then... my drastic change in opinion came. When my face finished drying it felt very smooth, soft and rejuvenated. I wanted to hate this but I ended up loving it instead. I have used it a couple of times since and love it. It is deeply hydrating and leaves my skin feeling younger. This is an excellent cleanser, even if it is different! It deserves 5 stars.

Barbara J.
Great product for the price

First time using this product, these should last me a few months. I had very dry flakey skin and this took care of it, it has a mild scrubbing sensation on your face when applying, not too rough, and very easily rubs off, unlike some facial scrubs, definitely recommend it and I will buy again.

Melissa R.
Clean as a Whistle

This cleanser is gentle to your skin, even though it has tiny beads that make certain the
slightest bit of foreign matter is removed from the pores. As I usually remark about
Olay products, it was made with care to help you look your very best.

Avery C.
Does not dry out my face

Every time I try new, when the store is out of this, I grab another one they do have. It dries my face. So I come to Ooala and order this. I guess I just need a cream cleanser. The others dry my face and that doesn’t feel or look good.

Aurora S.
Good product

I have always loved this product and suddenly wasn't able to get it in my area. So I am super thrilled that I can still get and use a very effective product from Ooala

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