SurePet Bed Tent Kennel Nest Plush Cave House for Dog & Cat│Large Size

Color: Brown


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Pinky S.
Nice for camping

I bought this for my Shih Tzu for camping in cold weather. She stayed toasty warm. But I also put this inside a fleece-lined cube bed. I had to put her in, bottom first, she could not turn around, but she loved it and stayed there all night, and during the night I stuck my hand inside to make sure she was warm, and she was. It was in the low 20's in the am, and in a tent.

Chris M.
nice and soft

Well, I have chihuahuas, and they like to burrow under blankets and things, so I thought, dang this would be perfect, they are small and would fit in this. Well, they like to sleep ON it not IN it. oh well. it's very soft and if your pet would like to be inside, I’m sure they would love it. mine prefer to be under blankets on the couch next to me. go figure.

Elsa R.
Soft and snuggly!

I just received this for my 5lb chihuahua and it is perfect. I placed her in it and she’s not left. It’s very soft and cozy and since my dogs like wrapping in blankets, it’s perfect. I’m ordering another one for my little larger baby, wanted to make sure it would fit. Buyer beware it is for smaller dogs, check the length for your little one. It’s perfect for mine.

Claudia G.
Absolutely perfect for my burrowing puppy

My puppy loves it. I was surprised at how soft it is on the inside. I am now using it when we travel. My pup burrows down inside and snoozes away. I caught my bigger dog trying to get inside it and I wish there was a people size. Easy to clean, I just toss it in the washer to clean. I have an older washer and was worried I would have to go to the laundromat but it gave my old washer no problem. This product is great for those critters that like to burrow up and feel secure.

Marivic L.
Two paws up!

I love my puppy cave! Mom put it up on her bed so after we cuddle, I can crawl in it and have my own space while still being able to keep an eye on mom and dad. (In case they sneak a snack in bed). It’s soft and cuddly and keeps me warm when mom goes crazy with the ac..... two paws up for this bed.

Princess Q.
Worth it!

I bought this for my shelter adopted a puppy who had one in the shelter. She curls up in it every morning. Now she's one and only fits halfway in but still uses it every day! The machine washed well. I love her and her cuddle cave! Money well spent!

Kendra K.
Very soft & warm!

This bed is extremely soft and cushioned. My boy loves snuggling in it. He keeps his body nice and warm. We even bring it on car trips, he enjoys being in it that much.

It is a bit bulky for the washing machine, so you definitely have to have something to balance the cycle.

Diane W.
Very comfy! My ratties love it!

This bed is wonderful! I bought it for my 3 pet rats, Leroy, Jake, and Izzy, and they all snuggled into it to be warm and comfy. Izzy passed away of old age just a few days after I bought it, and his grieving brothers cuddle close together in it now.

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SurePet Bed Tent Kennel Nest Plush Cave House for Dog & Cat│Large Size