SurePet Bed Tent Kennel Nest Plush Cave House for Dog & Cat│Small Size

Color: Gray


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Bella B.
Love this doggie sleep zone

My dog loves sleeping under blankets so I was hoping she would like it and she loves it. I would definitely recommend this product for a dog no more than 6 lbs., she’s a Jack Russell and she is on the petite size for her breed.

Kelly H.
Cat approved!

Very soft and snuggly and mostly stands up on its own. It might be too small if you have a massive cat but good size for an average to a small kitty.

Olivia C.
My dog's favorite thing ever!

My dog's favorite thing ever! So this cave bed doubles as both a bed and what we call "A love Sack", because my female dog insists on humping the crap out of it. So much so that she bites it long after she's humped it to death. And then later uses it to sleep in it.

Amor P.

We bought this for our dog Minnie. She is a Schnoxie and loves to cuddle in bed and often will burrow her way under the covers. She loves this cuddle cave and has found many ways to sleep inside it: head in with feet out, feet in, on her back, etc. I know that once winter comes and the weather gets cold, she will love it even more!

Cherry S.
My dog loves this

I was torn on wondering if my dog would care anything about this because she's usually more concerned about being with me than actually being in a dog bed. Well, she LOVES this thing! She will often leave my lap and choose the bed instead. It helps her to feel safe, warm, and snug. I'd definitely buy it again and I highly recommend it! It's very soft, sturdy, and warm. Plenty of room for my yorkie

Jasmin C.
Great Buy!

My chihuahua is obsessed. He loves to burrow and be warm and this is his happy place. We take it with us wherever we go so he feels comfortable. After several washing (just throw the whole thing in the washer) it’s still soft and fuzzy.

Sabrina P.

I was pleased to discover the bag stays open on its own, which I was concerned would fall. My cat likes to be in the bag but she also spends a lot of time ON TOP of it.

Jane S.
Great dog bed

My teacup chihuahua absolutely loves this bed, It’s the perfect size for her to tuck back into. She usually just burrows under the covers on my bed. I put it in the dryer for a few minutes to warm it up, so now when she sees me getting it out of the dryer she gets so excited. I would definitely recommend it.

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SurePet Bed Tent Kennel Nest Plush Cave House for Dog & Cat│Small Size