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Allan P.
Excellent value for a quality tool!

I bought this a few months ago, but waited to review it until I had the opportunity to use it a few times. This is a solid tool that has enough features to give me peace of mind when I'm out on my bike. I was a little dubious of the tire prys, which looked wimpy and smaller than others I've used. But after using them three times now (I had an unlucky spell this summer) I can say that they are actually pretty great, and their slim profile makes them easier to tuck into a bag than some of the wider versions.
This is an overall fantastic value

Nikko M.
Very Handy Tool

I have used this tool to do minor repairs on my bike. It has enough components to do anything I need to do for adjustments or repairs. While the size feels a little bulky, it has no problem fitting in to the nooks and crannies of my particular bike. (I have a trek mountain bike).

I keep it in my saddle bag underneath my seat, so if I encounter a problem I have access to my tools on the trail. It also does not take up too much space. It's nice.

Damiel S.
Good portable tool kit for out on your bike

Good portable tool kit to carry on your bike. If you are working on or building bikes regularly I would invest in the tools separately that are a little easier to handle repeatedly. This kit is a great size to carry though and it will save you for quick adjustments out on your bike.

Lester H.
Highly recommended.

Really inexpensive, really high quality, and it has all the basic tools you need to work on your bike. I used it to install several bike components and do a routine tune up and I was very impressed with this tool, I bought another one immediately. Highly recommended.

Adrian D.
Functions, but bring a real wrench too

This is a nice tool to have, I've used it successfully for making brake adjustments and (with some fanangling) adjusting the handlebar stem, among other little things.

However, for real major things that require some force, this tool simply lacks the leverage.
When I had to take off my rear wheel, which bent after getting hit by a motorcycle, (who ran off afterwards. That was fun) I found that the wrench on his tool, although it fits the nut, simply cannot provide enough torque before deforming the tool itself. I couldn't get the wheel off and had to walk the bike the rest of the way.

The lesson learned is, this tool is nice, but can't do everything it technically should because it isn't strong enough. So test out some things beforehand with it, and bring real tools to do what this thing can't.

Anthony P.
Must have

I use my bike for daily commute and this little tool has bailed me out of all sort of situations:
1. Need to change a tire on the side of the road? Check
2. Need to adjust the brakes because they are squeaking? Check
3. Need to tighten the handlebar for whatever reason got loose? Check
4. Need to adjust your derailleurs because the chain is falling off? Check
5. Need to fix the wobbly wheel after a very hard bump? Check
I had it for about 2 years and didn't show any signs of wear or use so I don't doubt it's a quality tool that can last for a lifetime (as long as it's not stolen like mine, which is why I'm purchasing it again).

Gregory D.
Great value

Good quality tools in a small package. Must have for any distance rider. I've luckily only had to use them a couple of times, but it worked great. The plastic tie hooks don't stay together like they're supposed to, but it really doesn't matter.. because they work. Changed a flat in under 5 min with this little kit.

Richard P.

Useful multi-purpose tool! Holds together well (year or so) and has all the right sizes to work on most things for our household of bikes (road single speed, hybrid 7-speed, and 7-speed tandem). Body holds together well (has a separate tool to keep tight), is ok to grip (for its size and intentions, it works as well as any can be expected, really), and the metal tool pieces themselves seem to be made of a good material that has not broken or stripped yet. Absolute necessity if you have a bike!

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