Hikush Indoor Bicycle Storage Cover│24 " 26" Bike

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Michelle L.
great for covering your wheels

It's great for covering your wheels, pedal, and gears. Make it easy to store your bike where ever and not having to worry about scratching or getting stuff dirty with your wheels or greasy gears and chain. I think it's awesome for the price and the materials are of good quality too.

Michael D.
Wear and dirt resistant

I have been using it for a while. My mountain bikes no longer have to be alone in the garage, and I don’t need to clean the bike anymore, I just need to clean it. Not only is it easy to clean, but the cloth is strong and resistant to dirt. With it, I feel that my life is a lot easier.

Mary G.
Good protection for bicycles

I like this kind of dust cover very much. It's easy for the bicycle to get dirt and dust on the tires when it's outdoors. It can effectively prevent the tires from getting dust. It can also protect the bike from the sun, oxidation, and other hazards, so as to protect the safety of the bike.

Elise V.R.
Strong and wear- resistant

The product has finally arrived. My mountain bike is very satisfactory. Since I have it, I have never wasted time cleaning my mountain bike. It is easy to clean and durable.

Janet G.
Bike cover that stretches to fit many sizes of wheels

Elastic, and very smooth bike wheel cover. I got it so I could transport my bike in my car without getting my car dirty from the wheels. It’s perfectly fitting since it stretches well. I’m glad I got it.

Margaux F.
It looks great!

It gives harmony visually to have a bike in the middle of the living room and it serves as decoration. Everyone loves it and I've referred some people for them to buy the product

Juliet B.
Great product.

We purchased 2 of these, for our road bikes. We live in a condo, so it was important to get the bikes covered and avoid making a mess. They fit great and look great.

Sam J.
Great product, keep a clean flat with no worries.

Great quality, keep the inside of my flat clean and free of oil and mud. Pain in the butt to fit the thing, even with 2 months of practice, but a great product and worth the fact.

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Hikush Indoor Bicycle Storage Cover│24 " 26" Bike