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Eli M.
Hang in there... the birds WILL come!!

I admit, I did get a bit frustrated as it took a while for the birds to "find" this bird feeder! My mother is paralyzed from the waist down and is mostly bed-bound, and I wanted a bird feeder that attached to her bedroom window so she would be able to see the birds from her bed. The birds finally "found it" yesterday, one month after I initially hung it up! I have another bird feeder in my back yard, one that hangs from my pergola, and the birds have regularly visited that one since I've lived here, but it took them quite a while to visit this one (side yard). Both my cat and my mother have never been so entertained! I posted a picture of my cat, Loki, watching from a small shelf underneath the window.

The bird feeder has held up well over the past month, through the sun, wind and rain. I have refilled it a few times, hoping fresh feed would attract the birds - it is very easy to refill. I am overall very happy with this bird feeder!

Bonna S.
What a great way to prevent window strikes!

I purchased these because, in spite of multiple efforts to prevent birds from flying into my picture window, they still did. There's nothing more disheartening than hearing that "thunk" and finding a stunned or dead bird on the ground below the window. Happily, since hanging these two feeders, that problem has been solved. But the bonus is that I can sit at no more than arm's length and enjoy Chickadees, Tufted Tits, and even Red Bellied Woodpeckers feeding from these feeders. The quality of these feeders is impressive, from the clarity of the material to the strength of the suction cups to the durability of the seed drawers. All in all, a win-win for myself and my feathered friends.

Robin P.
Birds Love 'em!

I had purchased the smaller bird feeder first and saw that the Mourning Doves couldn't figure out how to use it, so I ordered the large one as a companion feeder. By the time I received the large feeder the doves figured out how to use the smaller one, so now they use both. Now the doves go to the large one first and then hop over to the other one and vice versa.

The feeder is so easy to install---just seconds. And it's very easy to clean since the feed tray slides out. Since the trays are divided, you can put 2 different varieties of seed in them. I highly recommend this feeder since it is so wonderful to watch these birds on a daily basis, and the fact that the feeders are made of clear acrylic, you can see everything they do.

joseph a.
Very pleased!

The feeder is beautiful and it took about 2 minutes for it to be filled with sparrows - there is no support across the bottom so placement on the window should be carefully done so as not to pull it too wide. I have seen some reviews where the customer said it broke, but honestly it’s plexiglass- use some common sense and it’ll be fine! We also wet the suction cups, but ended up wiping most of the water off. Too much water and it slides down the window! Overall we are very pleased, it’s right at eye level for my kids and they get so excited to see birds so close up! The company was also fantastic to work with when we ran into a snag!

Pamela M.
Loving this feeder!

I’m enjoying this feeder on my home office window. I would often leave out treats for the birds and squirrels outside so I could enjoy watching them during the workday. When I got the idea to look for a feeder I evaluated several options online and am very happy to have chosen this one.

Nearly unobstructed view of critters
Removable tray for easy cleaning
Drainage holes in tray
Secure suction cup mounting
Large enough for both the birds and the squirrels
Tray stays securely in place once inserted
Divided tray to allow separate seed/nut offerings

The tray is a little tricky to place, requiring some manipulation to secure it in place, minor annoyance

I definitely recommend this feeder. I have chosen to feed with just black sunflower and some peanuts or mixed nuts. I’d like to attract blue jays, cardinals and squirrels, but not the gangs of sparrows that used to overtake my prior feeder. So far, the squirrels have been the most enthusiastic visitors. Blue jays have been a little more cautious, but have been enjoying the nuts from one side of the tray. Haven’t seen any cardinals yet at the feeder.

Jessica A.

Love this, came fully assembled, super easy to install, is clear so it does not obstruct any part of the window. Tried to get a pic with a bird eating but they're no dummies! Love being able to do the dishes (kitchen sink is right below) while they are right in front of me. Gives a happy, calming feeling. The tray slides out easily and has little holes at the bottom so if it were to rain the tray doesn't fill up. Want to buy more! Definite thumbs up. One note, this is a smaller size, so if you want something for larger birds I'd size up.

stephen h.
Truly squirrel proof

I've tried many advertised "squirrel proof" feeders over the years, and this is the only one that actually keeps them out! I have it about 4 feet off the ground on my french doors, and they can't get near it! Meanwhile we have a steady stream of all types of birds, from cardinals to blue jays to woodpeckers to finches. I love that I can see them up close, and so does the cat, who sits inside under the feeder watching it like it's the Food Network. Have had this several months and have never had to reattach or adjust the suction cups. Really great!

Lindsay W.

It took a couple weeks, but SO worth the wait! Doves were the first to explore and enjoy (we sometimes now have 3 at once squeezing in!) and now the finches, cardinals, chickadees and even woodpeckers have happily joined in! The squirrels have been hysterical in their efforts to reach this particular feeder, but alas...NO DICE and they have decided to stick to their feeders (not exactly a traumatic decision-we are equal opportunity critter sitter fans and feed all accordingly 😬). I purchased another to place on our big bedroom window. Huge success! As Mamma always said “patience is a virtue!” 😊

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