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Lesley L.
Love this brand!!

I just received this as a gift from my husband! so far I'm really enjoying this brown sugar scrub. It's great for my body and face, and exfoliates the skin well. I use it right before getting into the shower, and the moisturizing oils in the scrub leave my skin feeling smooth and silky. great for the price compared to other scrubs. The only thing I'd mention is not to use too much at a time so it doesn't clog the bathtub. I didn't have this issue but other people seem to mention it

Jessa B.

I have been wanting to try a coffee scrub for the longest time, and I finally bought this one because a friend raved about it. I can see why! This stuff is a great exfoliant. Usually, when I get out of the shower I have dead skin that my bath sponge hasn't gotten rid of that the towel rubs up while I'm drying off. After using this scrub I didn't have any of that! My skin was really soft and because of the oils it felt moisturized. I used it on my face, too, and I can see and feel the difference. I will definitely be using this from now on. Highly recommended!

Nariz S.
Good for stretch marks

I’ve been using this product for 3 weeks and have seen a drastic change in my stretch marks. I was pretty skeptical on purchasing it due to the reviews but it’s working great for me. However my stretch marks are pretty fresh. I started using this product about 2.5 months postpartum. I use it everyday with a cellulite massage brush, exfoliating gloves, and an arabica body wash. I think the gloves and cellulite brush help a lot I massage for at least 5 minutes in the shower. For only 3 weeks with these results I’m not disappointed.
Cons: the coffee grounds are a little rough with the cellulite massager I had some micro-cuts. It can also be itchy but it’s not horrible if you do sections at a time. It also doesn’t have the most pleasant scent. It just smells like coffee grounds. Use before shaving.
*First photo is the first day I started using the product, the fourth photo is 3 weeks from that date.
I will update with my final results to let you know how long it took for them to fade almost completely.

Kyla J.
Scrub works like a charm, careful sensitive skin people though!

I just randomly discovered this scrub on ooala. I am a scrub FREAK! I have really dry sensitive skin and let me tell you...this scrub is awesome. Now it is alot more coarse than some of the other scrubs ive tried but knowing that im just alot more gentle when scrubing it on my body. The smell is like you walked into a coffee shop. I love the way coffee smells and it smells up my whole bathroom...i love it! It does stain your skin right afterwards but just take a little bit of soap and it goes away. The way my skin feels afterwards is alot better than any like “in shower moisturizer” that ive tried. So soft and not greasy at all. This is a must get. Becareful not to get water in the sure it wouldnt hurt it to be honest but i just prefer it the way it comes minus my shower water added to it lol. Highly recommend!!

Sarah W.
Gentle enough for sensitive skin

Everyone knows how important it is to exfoliate to remove dead skin, but not all scrubs are created equal. If you have sensitive skin, a sugar scrub may be too harsh and abrasive. I was really happy to try this coffee scrub in the shower because not only is it gentler on skin but roasted coffee grinds promote blood circulation below the surface while they buff away dead skin. Rumor had it this is great for cellulite and stretch marks too!
I loved how this smelled like my favorite coffee too. It also comes with a little wooden spoon and a loofah to apply it. My only wish would be that it had a little more oil in it to hold the mixture on my skin more, however, after rinsing my skin felt smoother and more moisturized.
I am really happy with this product!

Happy C.
Wow! This is an amazing product

I'm a big fan of this scrub! It is very affordable. I have been using this scrub along with the anti-cellulite oil and I love the combination. The scrub is not too harsh, just right. The oils in it leave my skin smooth and hydrated without leaving a residue. The salts are also not too harsh for exfoliation. I saw good results with this one and will be ordering again from Lush

Roselyn R.
Smells like a cup of coffee!

I have been a fan of the Lush scrubs for over a year (the blueberry is my favorite) and can honestly say it rivals the best of the body scrubs out there at a fraction of the price. I didn't care for the brand with a popular coffee scrub in a bag (it was the rage for a long time) because that literally smelled like stale coffee, but this one smells like a fresh cup. As with the blueberry scrub, this Arabica Coffee Scrub is gentle and very hydrating. So hydrating in fact that I usually skip my body cream! I use it 1-2 times per week. I have not tried this scrub on my face yet as my face is sensitive to physical scrubs. As with all products with natural oils, you need to be careful in the shower. I have not had an issue with that though.

Jeanne K.
Love the scent and feeling it leaves on my skin

I can’t speak for the cellulite claims yet or the dark under eye circles, but I am going to continue using it in problem areas for that purpose. On the other hand I have been using this exfoliant on my face, hands, elbows/knees, legs and feet (be careful in the shower! If you have never used an exfoliant that contains Shea and oils it can be a tad slippery). The smell is amazing and I have found it to be super mostourizing to my skin and rough spots. Overall I am so far satisfied with this product and the price point is nice as well compared to others on the market.

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