Bliss™ Foot Peel Masks | Exfoliating Callus Remover for Baby Soft Feet | 2 pairs (4 masks)



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Crissy R.
So worth it! It works! I love this thing!

This thing works. I’m buying one for my Mom today. I was so afraid it wouldn’t work on me and it really did.
So back story - I broke my foot about two weeks before buying this and I was so eager to use it while I was laid up. I had been wearing an air cast boot for about 4 weeks before I used this and I think my feet were beginning to naturally peel in places just simply because I wasn’t naturally
“shlefing” off skin. In addition my other foot was covered in rough tough skin with tons of calluses. Ok fast forward to me sticking my foot in these bags of wetness. Super easy to follow directions by the way. Bit of advice -sit still for the whole hour. I walked a little (yes even with my broken foot) and the tape things came detached. Not a huge deal but yeah. It stuck back on but yeah just sit still. Also - don’t lay on your stomach (in bed) while doing this and kick your feet up -cause as sealed as these things are - it will drip out. This was mainly due to my carelessness so you may not have that issue but it was an oops for me.

Ok so it took no time at all for my broken foot to peel. Like the very next day - I chalk this up to my boot sort of keeping it warm and sealing it all in - yeah super gross. Sorry! But I would definitely commit to doing that warm water soak for 10 min a day that they recommend because I bet that’s the same result. The other foot took much longer to peel. I think it was at least a week later. I was at work and I got a major itch on the side of my foot. I kept trying to scratch it under my desk and it wouldn’t go away. I finally couldn’t stand it and ripped my shoe off and sock and scratched my heart out! And wouldn’t you know it - my skin was peeling like crazy and that’s the cause for the itchiness. Once I began pulling the loose pieces away it was fine.
Anyway - I’d recommend this product to anyone. Best thing I’ve ever done for my feet.

Kimberly H.
Loveeeeed this product. My feet have not been this soft and smooth in years!

Loveeeeed this product. My feet have not been this soft and smooth in years. Opted to buy this, and a foot soak instead of getting my pedicure because my feet have still been rough afterwards. I was told to use this a few years ago but there were so many products to choose from. Saw results on in just a few hours, and drastic results on days 2 and 3.
Quick Suggestions for max results:
- soak feet before using, and once a day after using
- don’t wear lotion
-wear socks until feet peel completely

Maui D.
Good product and cheap entertainment in about 4 days.

I have old dry yoga-barefoot-beach feet but love soft baby feet. These work. I would recommend first doing a patch test inside your elbow. This stuff can trash your gel pedicure so :1. Do it the day before your pedi; 2. I cut out the top of the toe location so my gels dont marinate in it. Otherwise enjoy. I do water aerobics and I wear aqua shoes that keeps everything hidden and stuck to my feet until it molts.

Penelope C.
Works so well

I’ve only used one pair and it’s been amazing! I soak my feet for 30min in warm water then apply the foot peel. Leave it in and the following day they begin to peel. It works so well!! I was going to use one a month, but it’s not necessary. I can wait a few months because it literally took all the bad skin away. Great value for your money

Cynthia W.
Highly recommend this for softer feeling feet.

This product worked so quickly compared to others I have tried in the past. I was expecting to wait up to a week for results but it was more like 2-3 days. The old skin started peeling off and took 3-4 days of daily showering and moisturizing for it all to be removed and the result was great. Soft like baby new skin. I am so glad there is 3 packets and I will definitely do this again in a few months. The skin coming off makes a mess but it’s so fun to watch it all sloth off after your shower. I’m very happy with this product and the results.

Lucy J.
Helps get rid of dead skin!

My feet were absolutely disgusting with pieces of dead skin, and nothing seemed to be fully working. Since I am leaving on a trip this week to the lake, I did not want my feet to look horrible, so I gave this a try. They are very easy to use, and the smell is great. The lotion feels soft and beneficial. After about a week the skin peeled off and my feet are very soft now, I could not be happier before leaving on my trip.

Olivia C.
Smells great and works as expected

Easy to use and smells like lavender.

The way this work is a little horrifying your foot peels like a snake for a period of time. Once the peeling concludes, your foot is as soft as that of a baby.

I have really rough feet so I did more than one peel, worked really well.

Considering how bad and gross my feet were, I have nothing bad to say about these

Amor P.

Smells weird but works very well. Takes a couple weeks for the peeling to start but once it does... hoooo boy. Be ready to wear socks everywhere because it’s borderline gross. If you have extreme callouses you may have to use more than one treatment.

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